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It better be. Gotta keep that canon intact.

So far I'm level 15. I'd probably be higher, but the first two days or so it was out, I was mostly traveling interstates at too high a speed to do anything. Right now my strongest Pokemon is a Lapras I hatched from a 10 km egg that's at 1017 CP atm. Currently, I'm focusing a bit more on collecting and getting super strong Pokemon, but I managed to hold onto 3 gyms throughout the day, and take on one with a 1300 Lapras with a friend helping me out. Sadly, the only gym I still have control over is the one with my jacked Lapras in it, but if it's still holding strong in the morning, that'll be awesome.

But yeah tl;dr, I'm letting this game dominate my life for a while. Go Instinct.
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