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So do I sign up now? Because if so, let's go, m8

Combatants Cup signup:
UPN Username: RealMrGame10
Timezone (GMT Format - found at bottom of page): currently GMT-6 since I'm currently travelling but will almost always be GMT-5 under DST conditions.
I hereby acknowledge the fact that I am under no circumstances guaranteed to be on any specific team.
I do recognize the fact that I WILL be on a team and I will participate in no fewer than 2 battles during the course of this tournament.

(btw, my notable comp-chievements include: peaking at #136 on the randbats board with a rating of 1672 after the Smogon Server Crash, peaking at #2 on the Super Staff Bros Melee OM, which I held for roughly 48 hours, having played nearly 2000 random battles on Showdown since the Smogon Server Crash)

Me on SP

D- Ref on PASBL
(PASBL squad!)
Let's go WILD
I will battle for cheap

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