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Draft Order & Results
Below is the order for the draft:

1: Accumula Wisps
2: Celestic Archfiends
3: Mahogany Marauders
4: Floaroma Honeybees
5: Pallet Pipsqueaks
6: Lilycove Jetstream
7: Canalave Nightstalkers
8: Cianwood Brawlers

The draft will be held on our discord server at 1:00 GMT -4 tomorrow, Friday the 22nd. We will utilize a standard snake draft. this means that, in the first round of picks, team 1 will pick first, and team 8 will pick last. then, in the second round, the order will be reversed. This will continue until all the participants have been chosen. Each Captain will have 3 minutes to make a pick (they will be pinged at the 1 and 2 minute marks) before a player is selected for them, at random, and the pick goes to the next captain in line. All captains agreed to the 1:00 start time in advance, so hopefully this won't be an issue.

The first two rounds of the draft will be open to public viewing. The second and third rounds will be closed to the public eye to avoid any hard feelings. Come the end of the draft, captains will have 24 hours to submit a lineup for weeks 1-5. For Clarity, we are utilizing rotating lineups to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate. If I do not have a lineup from you by then, your lineup will be randomized. I will not accept lineups via any form other than a private message. To clarify, you submit 1 lineup, and it rotates through over the course of 5 weeks. in the first week, spots 1 2 and 3 start. in week 2, spots 2 3 & 4, then 3 4 & 5, then 4 5 & 1, then 5 1 & 2.

Below are the results for rounds 1 and 2 of the draft.

- Wisps Daisy
- Archfiends Talon
- Marauders Phoopes
- Honeybees TrainerChris
- Pipsqueaks Miror
- Jetstream Beautiful Savage
- Nightstalkers Crys
- Brawlers Ger
- Brawlers Celebi
- Nightstalkers Eliteknight
- Jetstream KamenAeons
- Pipsqueaks Altocharizard55
- Honeybees RealMrGame10
- Marauders Lanturn
- Archfiends DaveTheFishGuy
- Wisps rotomotorz

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