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Ho-oh The Combatants Cup: UPN Edition

Back before the Compacalyse of 2013, there was an idea. An idea to create a real, sports-style league for those interested in Pokémon. With one successful iteration taking place in the wasteland that was Serebii Comp, a decision was made to tweak things and introduce the tournament to the UPN community. As such I am proud to present:

The Combatants Cup: UPN Edition

Table of Contents:
1: Introduction
2: Rules
3: Signup Information
4: Draft Information & Results
5: Submitting Battles
6: In-Team Substitutions
7: Off-Team Substitutions
8: Substitute List:
9: Rosters
10: Schedule
11: Week 1
12: Week 2
13: Week 3
14: Week 4
15: Week 5
16: Week 6
17: Week 7
18: Playoffs Round 1 - Semifinals
19: All-Star Week
20: Finals
21: Regular Season Records
22: Regular Season Awards
23: Championship Presentation

This will run as a team-style tournament, but teams will not be submitted by the participants. There have been assigned 6 Team Captains, who will draft teams of 5 (including the captains) once the signup period ends.

The tournament, as a team style tournament, will run in a round-robin format. This means that each team will play every other team once, followed by a 4-team playoff. Each match will consist of a best-of-3 series of RANDBATS! Lineups will be submitted by the captains prior to week 1 and will rotate throughout the tournament. This ensures that all participants will have a chance to participate, instead of having one or two players sitting the bench for the whole tournament and thus defeating the entire reason that they signed up. Upon completion of the round robin format we will enter a 4-team playoff to decide the final champion.

Oh, it's also important to note that the almighty Jerichi has approved ASB/WF prizes! The members of the winning team will be awarded their choice of either 5 SP or 2 Shards, whichever they prefer!

Finally, we have a Discord Server set up for this (Huge thanks to Apollo for doing most of the heavy lifting with that). The server can be found here

I've selected 7 captains from the UPN community. If we get enough participants, I'll be adding more teams so as to ensure as many people as possible get to join in the fun.

The team captains are as follows.

The Lilycove Jetstream, captained by the leader of Team Instinct, Sparkbeat!

The Canalave Nightstalkers, captained by the big bully himself, Snorby!

The Celestic Archfiends, captained by the resident Yu-Gi-Oh fanatic, Emi!

The Accumula Wisps, captained by everyone's favorite edgy roleplayer, Lil'twick!

The Mahogany Marauders, captained by Poignant Lyrics Cibbir Piggy Ima_Penguin_95 That one Brit, Connor!

The Cianwood Brawlers, captained by the original Hax God, Apollo77!

The Floaroma Honeybees, captained by the owner of the art shack, Extroph!

The Pallet Pipsqueaks, captained by the child prodigy, Mew the Gato!

1: Matches are XY Randbats. All Smogon rules apply. No exceptions.
2: All battles are to be done via PS.
3: Individual matches are Best Of 3. Not Best Of 1. Not Best Of 5. Best Of 3.
4: Do not troll or flame. If you do so, I have absolutely no qualms about kicking you out of the tournament and bringing in a substitute.
5: If you are going to be inactive for a portion of a week when you are supposed to be battling, it is your responsibility to send both your captain and me a PRIVATE MESSAGE stating so.
6: You are expected to contact your opponent via vm or pm. Do not wait on Discord waiting for an opponent to show up. Time zone differences are not an excuse. Set up a time to battle.

If you wish to sign up for the tournament, please fill out the following form (What, you didn't think you could get through this without a form, did you?) and post it as a reply to this thread:

UPN username: 
Timezone: (GMT format - can be found at the bottom of the page)
I hereby acknowledge the fact that I am under no circumstances guaranteed to be on any specific team. I also agree to being a substitute if I am not selected for a team. 
I do recognize the fact that, If I am selected for a team, I will participate in no fewer than 2 battles throughout the course of the tournament.
The signup phase for the tournament will continue until 12:01 AM GMT -4 on July 25th. If the number of desired potential signups exceeds that number, we will include more teams in the tournament and increase the overall length of the tournament.

Please be aware that, as of the current set-up, this tournament will last approximately 2 months.

Art credit obviously goes to Extroph. Because who else could make things this excellent?

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