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Credit for the below model gifs goes to this wonderful website.

Spoiler: show

El Rata: Level 2 Male Pikachu Libre (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: LIIIIIBRE
La Rata is now familiar with fighting energy. She gains access to Circle Throw, but loses Signal Beam and Disarming Voice. La Rata is much stronger as well, able to carry things as if she were a Raichu's height and weight. La Rata's ranged attacks are less accurate at range (roughly 4-5 feet).

Marie: Level 2 Female Munchlax (Uplevel)
Hidden Power: ?
No Signature Move

Ace: Level 1 Male Cutiefly
Hidden Power: ???
Special Training: Intimidation
Cutiefly is able to use Aura Sphere, with the energy available to use it twice.

Lin: Level 1 Male Shiny Morelull
Hidden Power: ???
Special Training: One With Nature
Morelull is now familiar with Ground type energy. He learns Mud Bomb and Earth Power in exchange for Sludge Bomb, Poison Powder, and Toxic. Morelull is no longer resistant to Water type moves.

Bass: Level 1 Male Pikipek
Hidden Power: ?
No Signature Move

Marquis: Level 1 Male Mime Jr.
Hidden Power: Fairy
Special Attack: Screen Sphere (Fairy)
Mime Jr. releases a ball of Fairy energy at the foe, dealing significant damage for significant energy. If Mime Jr. has a shield technique up, it’s damage is increased to high. Mime Jr. can no longer use Mud-Slap or Grass Knot.

Tulip: Level 1 Female Snubbull
Hidden Power: Psychic
Signature Attack: Aggressive Embrace (Fairy)
Snubbull hurls themself into the target, striking them quickly and repeatedly in close, dealing major damage while dropping its guard completely, leaving the user much more susceptible to attack in the future.

Mho: Level 1 Male Dedenne
Hidden Power: ???
Special Attack: Conductive Blast (Electric)
Dedenne charges electricity before firing it off in a beam of red and blue lightning. This bolt does solid damage for similar energy. This technique is strong against conductors of electricity, and does super effective damage against Steel types as a result.

Vince: Level 1 Male Buizel
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Bird Brain
Buizel is now familiar with Flying energy. Buizel's flight abilities are improved, giving him flight skills roughly equal to a Pidgey. Buizel can now use Brave Bird and Air Slash, but can no longer use Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, or Whirlpool. Buizel no longer benefits from the swimming related bonuses of his SC.

William: Level 1 Male Bagon
Hidden Power: Steel
Special Training: Sir Falls-A-Lot
Bagon can now use Iron Head.

Isolt: Level 1 Female Murkrow
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Technique: Earth's Breath (Ground)
Murkrow sends a wind imbued with the energies of the planet at the opponent, dealing solid damage for signifigant energy. Electric attacks used for the next 3 rounds will be 20% less effective, similarly to Mud Sport.

Juno: Level 1 Female Hippopotas
Hidden Power: ?
Special Technique: Sandcastle (Ground)
Hippopotas channels sand from their body and creates a sandcastle surrounding the victim from all sides, including above. These walls of sand limit the movement of the opponent, but are easier to break through than a Rock Tomb. When broken, these walls burst into puffs of sand, coating the opponent in sand, obscuring their vision and making them slightly slower to react. These effects fade naturally after two rounds and can be cleared by most means that sand can be removed.

Robert: Level 1 Male Binacle
Hidden Power: ?
Special Training: I’m Cute! >:c
Binacle is, in fact, adorable, and is familiar with Fairy energy as a result. They learn Play Rough and Sweet Kiss. Binacle can no longer use Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, and Toxic.

Kima: Level 1 Female Tyrunt
Hidden Power: ?
Special Training: Bloodlust
When Tyrunt is sent out, their speed and attack is increased to a similar level of a Dragon Dance at the cost of considerable energy. Getting struck by a super effective attack will automatically remove the buff. This buff will fade following standard boost stipulations.

Welch: Level 1 Male Skrelp
Hidden Power: ?
Special Technique: Toxic Sea (Poison)
Skrelp can flood an area of water with Poison energy, causing an arena hazard to a water area specifically. Any enemy Pokemon who enters this body of water will instantly receive Toxic level poisoning. This technique costs significant energy. The use of Rapid Spin and other techniques made to remove entry hazards will clear the effect, or it will fade naturally after 3 rounds. Skrelp can no longer use Brine. Skrelp can no longer poison enemy Pokemon through other methods, and this technique can only be used once.

Delora: Level 1 Female Swablu
Hidden Power: ?
Special Defense: Cloudtop Shield (Flying)
Swablu releases dense clouds around themselves, using significant energy. Energy attacks that pass through the shield have their edge taken off, reducing their damage by a light amount after type effectiveness. This technique lasts for 3 rounds or until significant damage is absorbed by the shield, whichever comes first.

Squish: Level 1 Female Goomy
Hidden Power: ?
Special Attack: Swishy Swap (Normal)
Goomy fires off a bolt of energy, carrying with it any negative status effects that Goomy has. This technique deals light damage for significant energy. The status effect has a 50% chance of being swapped off to the opponent, afflicting them with a significantly weakened form of the status. This attack is unhindered by any status, and will always go off regardless of Goomy’s current condition. If the status effect is not swapped off, Goomy still retains it.

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