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The Electric Masters Tournament! Part 2

With nothing but a thin spring coat, Jake ran towards the cold, foreboding forest that sprawled in front of him. The teen gave a small grin as he realized how badly Telpo would have scolded him for it, had he been with him.
But warmth wasn't on the young trainers mind as he recklessly charged ahead.
He had to find Milo! The Mareep, despite his decently sized pool of moves, had never actually participated in a battle to his knowledge.

Jake knew from experience how dangerous it could be in a forest on a cold winter night! Luckily for him, he wasn't alone. Right ahead of him, Hazel was also running towards the forest, which was now right in front of them.
Despite the situation at hand, Jake couldn't help but smile at the Eevee's antics. He was so used to seeing him timidly approach anything remotely eerie, and now Hazel was paying no heed to the ominous trees that surrounded the path ahead.

Though previously unconcerned about himself, it was only once Hazel had approached the entrance to the forest that he froze in place, all his fears suddenly rushing back to him.
"Is everything ok?" Jake asked as he noticed the Evolution Pokemon.
"I-I should be fine....Milo needs us..right?" Hazel responded.
Jake gave a brief nod before looking ahead into the veil of darkness. It was times like these he regretted not teaching any of his Electric Pokemon flash...

"Well, there isn't any use just standing here, let's go Hazel" Jake said firmly as he slowly made his way into the forest's grasp. After a moments hesitation, Hazel followed his trainers lead.

The first thing Jake noticed as he began exploring the forest, was just how dark it was. The canopy of leaves provided by the countless trees left little room for light to shine down upon the floor of leaves.
"The fact that it's practically night doesn't help!" Jake mused as he continued through the winding woods, unsure of where to start his search.

The young trainer was unsure if Milo would even answer, should he call his name...but he didn't have any other ideas... looking for him otherwise would take way too long!

"Milo! We need to talk!" Jake called out into the darkness.
The only response the young trainer received was the echo of his own voice.
Slightly discouraged, the pair continued their search for the Mareep, only to stop a few seconds later at the sounds of footsteps.

"I've got you now! Zebstrika use Take Down!"
Jake didn't have time to react as the voice pierced the air! Hazel could only watch as his trainer flew off his feet as a Zebstrika suddenly slammed into him.

It wasn't the first time Jake had taken a Pokemon's attack head on, but the sudden impact left him gasping for air as he flew back and onto the hard ground.
As the young trainer struggled to get up, the source of the voice he had heard approached him, a very familiar young man, sporting a bright red jacket and dirty blond hair.

"Maybe you'll think twice before you steal from....wait you're.."
"Jake" The young trainer cut the blond man off as he got up.
"Right. I'm sorry for ordering my Zebstrika to do that! I didn't expect you to be in the woods this late." Tyler apologized.

"It's alright, it's not like that's the first time your Zebstrika has managed to knock me over." Jake chuckled lightly.

"I hope you don't mind me being a bit nosy, but what are you doing out here? Don't you think it's a bit dangerous to be out here at this time?" Tyler asked as he glanced at Jake and Hazel.

"I could ask the same to you!" Jake retorted with a light smile.
"I'm looking for my Mareep, he umm...ran and Hazel here are trying to find him." Jake continued, the smile suddenly vanishing from his face.

"Hmm, that is somewhat troubling.. wish I could help..but I have my own problems I have to deal with." Tyler replied.

"If I may ask, what kind of problems?" Jake questioned.

"Well... after our battle, I wanted to train here for a bit. There's still some tournaments left before the nationals, so why not, right? Well I was about ready to pack it in, when suddenly these weird guys came up to me and attacked me.....they managed to overpower me and, and they took my Eelektrik!" Tyler confessed.

"That's terrible! Do you remember what they were wearing, where they went, anything?" Jake questioned.

"I-i don't remember what they looked like.....only that they ran off into this forest." Tyler replied glumly.

"Well...let's not give up hope just yet..the thieves could still be in this recently did this happen?" Jake further inquired

"About fifteen minutes ago if I had to guess." Tyler answered the best he could.

"Well then that settles it, since we're both looking for something in this forest, it'd be best if we stick together." The young trainer suggested.

Hazel let out a small sigh at his trainer's suggestion. He knew Jake was going to ask, but the Eevee was hoping he wouldn't. As much as Hazel wanted to help, he wanted to leave the ominous forest even more!

"Really? You'd actually be willing to help? That'd be great!" Tyler exclaimed, his Zebstrika nodding in agreement.

"Alright, then it's settled then!" Jake replied.
The trainers both smiled for a moment, but soon started to look around awkwardly.
"So umm...where do we start looking?" Jake asked after a few seconds.

Tyler was going to shrug in response, but before he could, a sharp cry pierced through the otherwise quiet forest. Jake recognized the voice as it startled the others around him, it was Milo!

"That's Milo, we have to hurry!" Jake exclaimed as he ran towards where he had heard the voice. He knew that Milo wouldn't have made a peep unless he was in danger.

Tyler was confused for a brief moment, before he pieced together that Milo was probably Jake's Mareep and quickly ran after him, his Zebstrika following suit.

Hazel froze as he was quickly abandoned by the two trainers. Did he really want to throw himself headlong into the danger that surely awaited him? Not really...
But staying in the cold, scary woods all alone was probably worse.
Having decided on which terrible choice he would follow, Hazel ran off in hopes of catching up with Jake and Tyler.
The location of Milo's cries hadn't been very far, as such Jake easily found where the Mareep was located. Just beyond where Jake stood was a small clearing in the otherwise dense forest. Not wanting to charge right in, the young trainer peered through a small gap in a nearby group of bushes.

The first thing Jake spotted was two humanoid figures. They appeared to be wearing pink suits...or was it grey? Jake couldn't really tell. What he could tell though, was what they had cornered! The young trainer almost cried out to the Mareep, who was shaking as a Lickitung and Eelektrik slowly approached the wool Pokemon. Jake knew that they belonged to the people corning Milo.

Jake remembered Tyler's words. A strange group had attacked him and taken his Eelektrik not too long ago... These guys certainly fit the bill.. but he didn't want to make any assumptions just yet..

The young trainer almost jumped as he felt a tap on his shoulder, confirming Tyler's presence.
"Well, did you find him?" Tyler whispered.
"See for yourself..." Jake replied as he moved over, giving the blond trainer enough room to see through the small gap.

A small gasp from Tyler confirmed any suspicions he had.
"Jake! They have him! That's my Eelektrik." Tyler said as he tried to keep a low voice.
"Then we have to stop them, let's think abou-" Jake's words were soon cut off by Tyler's screams.

"You think you can get away with taking my Eelektrik, you'll pay for this!"

Jake and Hazel could only watch as the young man stormed towards the two figures, completely blowing their cover.
"-this rationally." Jake pointlessly finished.
Seeing no reason to hide any longer, the young trainer quickly exited from the bushes, following Tyler towards the group.

The two figures turned to face the sudden commotion that had so rudely disrupted them.

Now that Jake was closer, he could make out what they looked like. The first looked to be in her early twenties. She had straight brown hair and wore a strange looking suit. Her partner appeared to be about the same age and had jet black hair. He too, wore the same strange looking suit that looked like it belonged in a science lab. Both of them were quite a bit taller then him.. then again, who wasn't?

"Looks like we have company! Look, why don't you two be good little boys and scram?" The woman taunted.

"Yeah can't you see we're busy?" The man chimed in.

"I'm not going anywhere until you give me back my Eeletrik!" Tyler demanded.

Jake, meanwhile said nothing. He was too fixated on their uniforms. He hadn't noticed until now, but they each had an X stitched onto the suits.
He had passed it off as a coincidence before, but not now. There uniforms looked almost exactly like what the people people who had stolen his Pokemon, almost three years ago, had worn! He remembered the moment vividly, it was because of them that he had lost six of his Pokemon for over a year, including Sparky!

"You! You're the ones responsible for kidnapping my Pokemon!" Jake shouted.
"Because of you, six of my Pokemon suffered for over a year, and I'll never forgive you for what you did to them!" Jake's voice dripped with disgust for the people in front of him.

"I won't let any Pokemon be a victim of your crimes ever again! Not Eelektrik, not Milo, no one!"
At this point, Hazel quickly hid behind his trainer. He had never seen the young man so full of rage before...and it scared him.

"If that's how it's going to have to happen, so be it... Lickitung use Lick on Zebstrika!" The woman commanded.

"Oh no you don't, Eelektrike use Crunch on Lickitung!" Tyler shouted.

Lickitung was the first to act, it quickly extended it's long tongue and prepared to lick it's opponent!
Eelektrik had other plans, however! In a brief act of defiance, the elefish Pokemon
coated it's teeth in a dark energy, before biting down hard on the licking Pokemon!

Lickitung let out a yelp as the powerful attack forced it to stop it's attempt at harming Zebstrika!

"S-still won't listen, huh? Guess I'll have to crank it up to an eleven!" The strange man shouted, caught off guard at Eelektrik's defiance.
He then took out a strange remote from his pocket and started fiddling with it.

Jake was confused at what exactly the man was doing, but it all became clear as he looked towards Tyler's Eelektrik. It started shaking it's head back and forth, almost as if suffering from a headache...

"Eelektrik, what's going on?! Snap out of it buddy!" Tyler called out to his companion.
Eelektrik's shaking stopped, almost as quickly as it had started, now the elefish Pokemon was simply hovering there, unaware of what had just transpired.
Suddenly, the Eelektrik started flailing about in a fit of rage! Looking for anything to release it's anger upon, it soon met eyes with Tyler! The elefish stopped it's rampage for just a moment, giving it time to fire a thin, but powerful charged beam at it's trainer!

Jake had seen something like this, he remembered back to when Kieth and his older sister had visited his secret base. Pom had gone into an absolute fit of rage! Randomly attacking his friends and trainer, as if for no reason at all. He remembered that Neku's sweet scent had helped calm him, but Neku wasn't here, nor did he have any Pokemon with sweet scent!

Tyler froze in place as the beam shot across the air towards him. Though his trainer was frozen in fear, Zebstrika was not! The thunderbolt Pokemon quickly ran in front of his trainer, protecting him from the powerful electric attack.

"Eelektrik, w-why are you doing this?! I'm your trainer!" Tyler shouted.
"It's no use Tyler. I've seen this can't snap him out of it...not now anyway." Jake stated

"You'd be wise to listen to the kid, once a Pokemon is put under my control, you mine as well give it up!" The man laughed.

"So not only were you responsible for taking my Pokemon, you also forced my Ambipom to fight against his friends and me one more reason I want to destroy everything you stand for!" Jake shouted.

Completely fed up with the pair that stood in front of him, the young trainer decided to take things into his own hands.

"This is for all the people and Pokemon you've wronged! Hazel use Bite on Lickitung, then follow through with Take Down!" Jake ordered.

"I hate to do this but ....Zebstrika use Wild Charge on Eelektrik!" Tyler commanded.

"Lickitung, let's teach them a lesson for meddling with us! Use Thunder Punch on Eevee!" Lickitung's trainer barked.

"Alright Eelektrik, let's end this quick! Start this out with a Super Fang on Eevee. Next target it with a powerful Zap Cannon!"

Having previously taken an electric attack head on, Zebstrika was the first to act, thanks to it's motor drive ability! The thunderbolt Pokemon began surrounding itself in a bright yellow aura of incredible electric energy! Zebstrika then began charging towards his old teammate before crashing into him!

Wasting no time, Hazel began it's approach towards the Lickitung! Despite his appearance, Hazel managed to run towards the licking Pokemon at an incredible rate! Unable to react in time, Lickitung was subjected to a powerful bite!

Itching for a fight, Eelektrik quickly floated over to the evolution Pokemon, ready to show Hazel just how capable his fangs were! Still recovering from his previous display, Hazel had no choice but to become the victim of the elefish's incredibly powerful attack!

The Eevee cried out as the powerful fangs racked his body with an incredible pain! Though previously feeling completely fresh, Jake couldn't help but notice that the Eevee was already starting to falter. The young trainer had no doubt that Tyler's Pokemon were quite strong..but the difference in power between Hazel and Eelektrik was alarming!

Ready to contribute to the battle, Lickitung began surrounding it's hand in a current of electricity. Despite the Lickitung's slow approach, Hazel was still recovering from the shock of Eelektrik's Super Fang attack! Unable to react in time, the Eevee once again cried out as the Lickitung's attack connected, sending the Eevee flying back onto the cold, hard forest floor.

"Hazel!!!" Jake called as he could only watch in horror as the Eevee fell to the ground. The young trainer knew that, if things didn't turn around, they'd surely be in trouble. He didn't know about Tyler, but Hazel was his only Pokemon he had on hand that was capable of fighting. Alfie and Hayai were still at the Pokemon centre, Jake hadn't even thought of swapping them out... Error was seriously weakened from his last match, and Milo.....
Jake glanced behind his opponents for a brief moment. Behind them, Milo stood shaking completely, as if caught in a terrible nightmare....

"Come on Hazel, now's not the time to give up! You can do it!" Jake cheered the Eevee on.

Not wanting to disappoint his trainer, Hazel found the strength to get back on his feet and faced the Lickitung ahead of him. The Eevee then charged forward, going as fast as his tiny legs would carry him!

The Eevee's attempt did not go unnoticed by Eelektrik, who quickly began gathering a massive amount of electric energy. The elefish Pokemon transformed the energy into a large yellow ball, before then firing it at Hazel! Despite Hazel's best efforts, his tired legs could only take him so far, unable to reach Lickitung in time, the Eevee collided into the mass of energy!

The power of the two colliding forces caused a mini explosion, throwing up leaves and dust around the battlefield. When the dust cleared however, the result of the collusion became clear. Hazel was lying on the ground, his energy completely exhausted, the evolution Pokemon showed on signs of getting up.

"Hazel, no!!!" Jake cried out as he realized just how hopeless the battle had become!

"Heh, the way you were talking, you would have thought your Pokemon were worth something!" The women laughed.

"It really is pathetic...." The man added.

"Why I-I'll..." Jake began stumbling over his words in an attempt to come up with a comeback.

"Jake, don't worry about it! If you hadn't and my Zebstrika aren't going to lose!" Tyler tried to reassure him.

"Umm...ok, I trust you then." Jake replied, a small smirk on his face. He knew just how powerful Tyler's Zebstrika was. If it hadn't been for his clever use of me first, Jake knew he wouldn't have managed to beat him in the second round.

The young trainer then turned back to his fallen Pokemon, taking a Pokeball off his belt as he did so. "Rest well Hazel, you did well out there" Jake said as he returned the evolution Pokemon to it's Pokeball.

"Alright, it's all on us now Zebstrika, let's show Eelektrik the power of your Wild Charge!" Tyler shouted.

"Lickitung, stop Zebstrika in it's tracks with Lick! The woman barked.

"Eelektrik let's start with a devastating Super Fang! Then let's use Aqua Tail!"

Once more, Zebstrika was the first to act as it began surrounding itself in a bright yellow aura of incredible electric energy! The thunderbolt Pokemon then dashed towards it's target, slamming into it with incredible power!

The Eelektrik recoiled in pain, but soon recovered and began floating over to return the favour! Zebstrika cried out as the elefish chomped down upon him with incredible force. But Zebstrika wasn't through with his suffering just yet!
Not one to waste an opportunity, Lickitung quickly extended it's massive tongue and licked the thunderbolt Pokemon, covering it in saliva!

Eelektrik wasn't done just yet! The elefish started surrounding it's tail in a veil of water energy, before smashing it right into Zebstrika! The thunderbolt Pokemon recoiled as the pain racking his body suddenly intensified from the attack.

It seemed Zebstrika had taken quite a beating, and Tyler knew his companion wouldn't last much longer. This wasn't lost on Jake, the young trainer could see it as Zebstrika was struggling to stay on it's feet.

"Jake....take Milo and run!" Tyler ordered, a sudden shift in his previous behaviour.

"What, are you crazy?! I'm not leaving you here!" Jake exclaimed, shocked that Tyler would even suggest such an outlandish idea.

"Look, things aren't looking too good for us. If one of us runs, we still have a chance...I can hold them off..." Tyler explained weakly.

Tyler did make a decent point. It would certainly be easier then to stay and watch hopelessly. If he did run, he could get some help from...someone.
But since when had he taken the easy way out? Besides, Jake didn't see the pair of attackers letting him flee that easily..

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to have to decline. I'm not just about to abandon you with these freaks, I got you into this mess in the first place! If anyone's running, it should be you." Jake explained.

".....thanks. Guess I have no choice but to win this for us then! Zebstrika let's give it everything we've got, use Signal Beam on Eelektrik!" Tyler ordered.

"Eelektrik let's end them with a Crunch!" The strange man commanded.

"Lickitung show them our true power with Focus Punch!" The woman barked.

Not willing to give up just yet, Zebstrika started to gather up a large amount of bug energy! This energy was then transformed into a powerful rainbow beam, which the thunderbolt Pokemon fired towards his former teammate.

The elefish recoiled at the sheer force of the beam, but quickly recovered as if it never happened! Eelektrik then floated over to the thunderbolt Pokemon and sunk it's teeth into Zebstrika's flesh!

Zebstrika began to wobble as it tried to regain it's balance after the attack. Jake knew that the thunderbolt Pokemon wouldn't survive another hit...things were looking quite bleak for the pair.

To make matters worse, Lickitung was still raring to go! The licking Pokemon began concentrating all it's energy into it's hand. Maybe if he managed to pull this off, his trainer would finally praise him! With this in mind, the Lickitung began to charge Zebstrika, determined to deliver the final blow!

Jake couldn't stand to watch as the Lickitung drew ever closer. This was it...maybe he really should have taken Tyler up on his offer!
It was if time had stood still for that brief moment. Milo shivering...Tyler's face riddled with fear...and their opponents, smirking at the inevitable result between Zebstrika and Lickitung.

"Manectric use Hyper Beam!" A gruff voice called out, shattering the illusion of the frozen scene. Jake and Tyler both gasped as a giant beam of pure energy shot out from beside them, blasting both Lickitung and Eelektrik into a nearby tree!

"Wha-bu- what is the meaning of this?!" The women demanded as she cast her gaze to where the hyper beam had come from.

From his left, Jake spotted a man and a Manectric approaching. The man looked to be in his early thirties. He was wearing a cap, with straight black hair sticking out.

"It's you! You came to save us! I can't believe it, you're really here!" Tyler exclaimed upon spotting the man.
Jake was confused at Tyler's strange reaction to the man, but figured it wasn't the time to ask questions, instead watching the scene that unfolded.

"W-what is the meaning of this si- I -who are you?!" The trainer of Eelektrik questioned as he stumbled over his words.
The older man smirked for a brief moment before suddenly scowling.

"I don't need to explain anything to you! Now stop harassing these young men before I send my Manectric after you." The man growled.

"I'll- show you what you get for messing with tea-" The women was quickly cut off by her partner.
"N-now's not the time Victoria...let's get outta here!" The man said as he withdrew Eelektrik into it's Pokeball.
Victoria gave a brief nod to her partner, before turning to Jake. "Just you wait Jake Eclair, we'll get what we need from you... one day..." With that, the pair ran off, leaving the three of them behind.

"Wait! That's my Eelektrik!" Tyler cried as he began to take off after them.

"Tyler wait, you can't chase after them!" Jake shouted as he grabbed his arm and stopped the older trainer.

"W-what are you doing Jake?! I need to get my Pokemon back!!!" Tyler screamed as he tried to remove himself from Jake's grasp.

"We're in no shape to fight, your Zebstrika is barely standing!!" Jake explained.

"Jake is right you two are in no shape to pursue them." The strange trainer addressed them.
At his words, Tyler immediately stopped struggling and turned towards the man. "I-i guess you're right...." Tyler muttered.

"So Tyler....mind if I ask how you know this seemed awfully excited about his appearance." Jake questioned

"You don't know about him? This is Ryan Williams! The guy has managed to sweep every tournament with only his Manectric! He's my idol!" Tyler explained.

"Wait, you're Ryan Williams?!?" Jake questioned the man, not sure if he fully believed it.

"The one and only...nice to meet you!" Ryan said with a smile.

"So this is the guy everyone has been talking about... If I'm going to win this tournament, then I'm going to have to get past him....." Jake muttered, forgetting just where he was at the time.

"If I'm not mistaken, you're competing in the semi-finals tomorrow, right Jake?" Ryan asked the younger trainer.

"That would be correct!" Jake confirmed as he gave a small nod.

"Well good luck out there! Who knows, maybe you'll have a chance to take on me in the finals!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Wait, Jake you made it to the semi finals?!" Tyler asked, completely shocked at the revelation.

"I thought you would have known that, considering you're still hanging around here!" Jake teased.

"Well good luck! If I know you as well as I think I do, you're going to make it to the finals! Then I won't know just who to cheer for!" Tyler joked, causing the other two trainers to burst out laughing.

"Well it's been fun chatting, but I need to get ready for tomorrow, I hope to see you in the finals Jake!" Ryan exclaimed as he began to walk away, his Manectric
following right behind.

"I guess I should pack it up as well...thank you for helping me Jake. I may not have been able to get my Eelektrik back, but I'm not giving up hope! Next time we meet, me and my Eelektrik will show you just what we're made of!" Tyler assured him.

"Sounds good to me! Good luck on trying to get into the nationals!" Jake replied.

"Thank you, until we meet again..farewell!" Tyler said with a wave as he and his Zebstrika went their own way.

Though Jake was disappointed that the pair had left, the young trainer was also somewhat glad. He needed the time alone with's what he had come to this forest for. Jake slowly walk over to the Mareep, who had stopped shaking, instead preferring to lie on a pile of leaves.

"Hey..umm Milo....we need to talk...." Jake started awkwardly. Milo's eyes opened, and for a brief moment the Mareep glared at his trainer before speaking.
"Talk about what? I think we made our arguments perfectly clear." Milo scoffed.
"I wanted to apologize...for what I said. You don't have to battle if you don't want fact, I'd be glad to have you back." Jake confessed.
Milo was stunned at his trainers words, he began looking over his face, seeing if they held any truth.
"I-I'm sorry for what I said too. You aren't the worst trainer out there....just don't force me to battle and we're good." Milo responded, a tiny smile began to form.
"It's a deal, welcome back Milo!" Jake exclaimed before trying to hug the Mareep.
Doing so caused a small static shock, making Jake jump in surprise.

Milo started to laugh at his trainer's antics, and soon Jake did too. The pair didn't even notice anyone was with them until Jake felt a long tongue lick him from behind. The young trainer almost jumped, but kept his composer as he turned around, coming face to face with a Lickitung!

"Ahh! Lickitung..what are you doing here? I thought you belonged to Victoria?" Jake asked the licking Pokemon.
The Lickitung knew that Jake wouldn't be able to understand him, but he still found himself explaining the situation.

"S-she abandoned me....I-I don't want to be alone....." The Lickitung explained, trying his best not to cry. Jake could see the Lickitung was quite shaken up about the whole thing, and did what he thought was best to calm it.

The young trainer wrapped his arms around the pink Pokemon and patted it on the head. "It's going to be ok little guy...we'll get you out of here.." Jake assured it.
Surprised by the action's of the young man, the Lickitung couldn't help but feel a bit better.....maybe everything would turn out ok.
It wasn't long before the trio had found the exit to the long and winding woods. What little light had been in the sky before was completely gone. Once the they had arrived, Jake turned towards Lickitung.

"Here you are, you're free to go Lickitung." Jake smiled at the pink Pokemon.
The licking Pokemon turned to the trainer and gave a brief nod. Though he wanted desperately to accompany him, they both agreed that it would be better for him to return to the wild.
Lickitung watched as Jake took out his old Pokeball from his coat pocket. They had managed to find it on their way out of the woods, Victoria and her partner probably dropped when they had fled.

Jake took the round red and white sphere and crushed it under his foot.
"You're completely free now little buddy!" Jake exclaimed as he watched the Lickitung for a reaction. Though the Lickitung didn't smile, he did give a brief nod and a wave of his hand, as if to say goodbye. He then turned his back and started walking off, away from the giant stadium in the distance.

"Lickitung wait!" Jake called out to the licking Pokemon before he could very far.
Lickitung quickly faced Jake and tilted his head as if to question him.
The young trainer ran over and dug something out of his pack, before eventually handing it to him.

"I didn't want to leave without giving you something, as a memento of our friendship.." Jake explained as the Lickitung inspected the amulet in his hand. It appeared to be a small glass Bellsprout...
Confused, the Lickitung tilted his head once more, wondering what the trainer's intentions were.

"It's a Bellsprout amulet...I gave it to one of my Pokemon a long time ago, as a sign of our friendship. But they don't need it anymore, and...I want you to have remember me." Jake explained.

Lickitung smiled at the idea of it, and quickly managed to put it around his neck.
"It looks good on you." Jake smiled at the licking Pokemon.
The Lickitung smiled and gave Jake another lick with his saliva drenched tongue.
"Stop it that tickles!" Jake laughed as he wiped his face with his coat sleeve.

Lickitung smiled at the young mans laughter and gave him another wave. Then he turned his back and started off towards a new adventure.

"You know, I'm going to miss him, even if we only met for a few short minutes." Jake smiled as he turned to his Mareep, who had watch the entire ordeal go down.

"Why didn't you offer him to join? I'm sure he would have...." Milo said, shaking his head in confusion.

"It just didn't feel right, after what had just happened... Besides, I'm sure we'll meet him again." Jake reassured the Mareep.

But now wasn't the time to think about that. Jake's mind wandered back to what Victoria had said. "Just you wait Jake Eclair, we'll get what we need from you... one day..." What could she have meant by that? What did they need from him that was so important? The thought sent shivers down his spine.

"Can we go home now? I'm tired!" Milo whined.
"Definitely, I need all the rest I can get for tomorrow" Jake explained, turning his attention to the stadium ahead. The past hour had been quite an eventful one. But Jake wasn't done with Rayo Town just yet. Tomorrow, the Electric Masters Tournament was coming to an end. He knew he had already managed to qualify for the nationals, but that wasn't enough. He still had to get through two more trainers before he was crowned the victor. Jake had promised Hazel that he would beat Ryan Williams and place first, and he had no intention on going back on it.

"Ryan Williams, you're about to meet your match! First place, here I come!"

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