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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I've been saying this for years but every time I suggest it people flip the fuck out.

And no I am not doing anything for Cryagonal sorry.
People need to set their personal feelings aside on Smeargle. I personally like the design, and I do like the custom feel for it, that does not mean it needs to be top notch. I explored the deep end and it is too much when you become crafty and selective with the abundant 30 choices. I personally feel it will get worse. I was perplexed when it got flamethrower and seismic toss because in many ways it makes sketching moves easier. Anyone saying that these random moves constitute event moves are clearly stretching the definition of an event move. Unless there is a solid argument to define those additions as event moves, then I'm not sold on the idea one bit.

>Cryogonal diss
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