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Overall the buff isn't necessary but there's nothing really wrong with it. This is what makes SCs annoying.

But no, acid armor has nothing to do with light. Closest is enhancing natural camouflage, but that still isn't light based. And Iron Defense... yeah. C'mon. And just because Magic Coat makes you glow doesn't make it light based. Panes are energy panes, Light Screen's name aside, but we already have a thing for them so they're irrelevant. Funny enough though, you forgot Aurora Beam.

But looking at the actual suggestion:

Solar Beam, Flash Cannon, Signal Beam, and Confuse Ray (and Aurora Beam), are all light moves. And form a nice part of Cryogonal's weird as fuck movepool. We've got some semblance of Cryogonal being spooky with lights already going on. We definitely shouldn't put all the suggestions on the SC. At some point we're just taking a mediocre pokemon and stuffing buffs in it in the vain hope that we can make it good. I mean, do we give it a slashing boost because it knows Sharpen and Night Slash which are both unusual?

The glow is useless and would only overstuff the SC. Camouflage makes sense for reasons having nothing at all to do with light. Meh on the boost. Would be good to mention Solar Beam working fine in blizzards. I don't see too compelling of a reason for boosting the rest of the moves, but again, it's not like there's a big reason not to. Meaning that all to be had here is a dumb back and forth on SC philosophy until Jeri closes the thread and decides for himself, so let's just cut to that last part.

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