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Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
I'm sorry what? Cryogonal does not at all have a "natural" bond to light at all. It just learns Solar Beam and Confuse Ray (the only two moves you listed that have actually have anything to do with light) A combination all of these Pokemon have. This is a proposal that simply reeks of pure self-interest. The reasoning is shaky at best, not to mention this is, in essence, a slightly watered down version of your Cryogonal sig. Cryogonal is a very unique Ice Type with an already pretty excellent SC, it really does not need the help.
Ad hominem aside, there is nothing wrong with incorporating an idea that came from a sig. Mega Kanga was a rehash of Jeri's sig.

Under ASB, we have seen that specific list of moves clumped together as light based moves, maybe it was done erroneously and that was a lack of my understanding. If my suggestion were to be carried by its own weight, it would be an extension of what is already set up in terms of it being a mirror and playing with light.

I don't have an issue looking for things that can boost members within my own squad, they come to my mind more often than things that are not on my squad. If a modification makes a pokemon more worthwhile, then maybe others will pick it up? Again, focus on the argument and don't make it about me. If it does get added, it would be wonderful and if it does not it wont be the end of ASB as we know it.

>Acid Armor
I feel that it plays with the way light lays on the user, making it an extension at how the user can manipulate light around him.

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