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So, this is near and dear to my heart and the thread has yet to close

Cryogonal (Ice): Cryogonal levitate by default. The chain of ice produced from their face can be lengthened and shortened at will for slight energy cost and also used to manipulate items or foes. Moves like Light Screen and Reflect are stronger and faster to set up when used by Cryogonal. Cryogonal's Attract and similar moves show the target an image that they would find alluring. This works on male and female Pokémon. They are inorganic. Their icy bodies are extremely cold. Any Pokémon coming in contact with them will be chilled similarly to Icy Wind.

The issues with the SC (in bullet points or short paragraphs, if applicable)
The light buff should be a bit more extended

The proposed changes or additions (please do not rewrite the SC yourself)
Cryogonal is a unique Ice type that learns Solar Beam, both reflective panes, confuse ray, acid armor, signal beam, magic coat, flash cannon, iron defense.

It has a natural bond to light, and I was wondering if it could get that feature extended. Maybe have this feature where its own body stores light that allow for light based move to charge faster. In the absence of light, they emit a chilling glow. Inside a blizzard/hail, they blend in better due to the reflective surface bouncing off the snow. Something to what glaceon has + light moves.

Spoiler: show
Glaceon (Ice): Members of the Eevee line have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. Their Baton Pass and Helping Hand attacks take slightly less time and energy to perform compared to other Pokémon. Glaceon's light colouring and ice-like body patterns allow them to hide better among ice and in blizzards. Glaceon deals slightly more damage with Ice typed attacks than usual, and their frigid bodily temperatures cause physical contact to chill opponents more than normal. Their Hail attack is more potent than normal and, using a move, they may create hardened ice crystals over their body, reducing incoming physical damage by 10%. These crystals fade naturally after sustaining a few blows.
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