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I thought that Durant would be a lock to stay in OKC but there's actually a pretty good shot at him going to the Warriors. I was pretty confident that they made the Ibaka trade because they were expecting to be able to sign Al Horford, but he ended up going to the Celtics so that plan went down the train. I had heard that Durant wanted to play with Horford so the Thunder are probably kicking themselves for that one. I disagree with you Rhee, Durant fits into the 3 spot in Golden State just fine. A starting lineup of Curry/Thompson/Durant/Green/literally anyone is a super scary thought. Though I would've liked to see OKC trot out a Westbrook/Oladipo/Durant/Hordford/Adams lineup. Oh well, what could have been. My final guess is that Durant ends up staying in OKC, though it wouldn't surprise me if he left, even after the way LeBron was vilified for doing so.

As for Barnes, my Sixers were in talks of signing him to a max deal... and I honestly wouldn't hate it. Yeah he really underperformed in the back half of the Finals but the rest of the season he was a really solid player. Right now the Sixers are in a spot where we have a ton of young talent that we found through the draft that is going to try and mesh together, but we need free agents. Even though we would be overpaying Barnes I think it's worth it to prove that we can attract free agents and be a potential landing spot for good players. Because the Jerryd Bayless signing isn't going to do that, lol. Overall I'm not expecting the team to be that good this year, but I am excited to see Embiid and Saric finally getting to play, as well as Simmons (obviously) and Luwawu. It'll be super fun for me because things are finally looking like they're going in the right direction.

I'm not a fan of what Phil Jackson's doing in New York. So many of his moves are predicated on players bouncing back from injury. As we've seen so far, Rose has never been back to MVP form even when healthy, and Joakim Noah looked pretty lost last season. Yeah, if those two guys return to form he'll look really smart but it's a gamble and a half if you ask me. At least they still have Porzin-God, though I feel for him. He's so talented, but just not in a winning situation at all. Yeah the Knicks probably make the playoffs next season but they're not really going anywhere. I guess at least he's not on the Nets lol.

I'm still not used to the jump in contract numbers. Mike Conley being the richest contract of all time (until Durant)? It's weird man. He's a great point guard but the bump in the cap is really messing with me. I mean Nicolas Batum got 5 years, $120 million which is pretty baffling to me, but I think the absolute worst is the Timofey Mozgov deal. Laker fans can't be happy about that one. Best known for being "that guy that Blake Griffin put in a body bag," he's getting $64 million over four years. If he can do that, I can do anything I set my mind to. Dude must have the best agent in the game to completely swindle the Lakers like that.

I'm happy for Rajon Rondo for getting out of Sacramento, the Kings are a franchise in disarray if I've ever seen one. I do think he'll do well in Chicago, but my feeling about Rondo is that he's always been a little overrated. Like you said Rhee, he's a good ball handler and led the league in assists, but I'm pretty sure the guy still doesn't have a jump shot after how many years in the league. I mean other than Jimmy Butler, who do they have that can really light it up? I'll just assume that Pau Gasol is leaving in free agency, so I don't think this Bulls team will be all that great. My guess is pretty much the same as the Knicks but a little more optimistic: they make the playoffs but still have no chance against the Cavs, Raptors, or Celtics.
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