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The draft had some unexpected foreign picks (looking at you Phoenix), but for the most part, it was pretty cut and dry. Congrats, Phoopes, it's Simmons.

In free agency! The news on everyone's mind is obviously where Kevin Durant is gonna go, and he's said that he's still choosing between OKC and Warriors, though his team has expressed that it will take some convincing to get him away from OKC. With Ibaka's leaving, Durant's absence will undoubtedly be devastating to the same team that gave the #1 team a run for their money this season. However, next year, Russell Westbrook will also be a free agent, so OKC would probably have to panic then as well.

On the other hand, Durant's presence on the Warriors would certainly complement the skill set of the athletic Warriors, but he'd probably have to serve in a bigger role than on OKC, maybe even play 4. Durant's presence would also have the added effect of edging Harrison Barnes out of the Warriors and onto another team (the Mavericks) during his free agency due to salary caps. This is the same Barnes who inspired an article all about how he ruined the Warriors' chances.Durant's decision will be announced tomorrow in a "special July 4th".

Phil Jackson is building up quite the line-up over in NYC, though fans question the athleticism of post-injury Rose and Carmelo's value is always in question. People seem to think he knows what he's doing, though.

Mike Conley signed for the most lucrative contract deal in NBA history recently, earning a new contract worth $153 million with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Rajon Rondo has signed with the Chicago Bulls and will likely take the place of Derrick Rose as the Point. I feel that he can really flourish on that team, which has been suffering from Rose's absence as of late. His handles are impeccable and his pass sight is unmatched in the league right now. Back when he was on the Celtics, I thought that he would go on to be one of the most sought after 1s in the league. That didn't exactly happen, so I'm happy to see that he's on a team that he can really help now.

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