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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Confirmed for Single Level pickup on Monday 27th June 2016.

Raves: Lv.15 Nidoran♀ and Lv.21 Horsea

Each of your Pokémon will have gained one level at the end of the week.
Please remember to pick up and drop off at the proper time.
'Yeah! Now we're talking! A proper water attack! Another step to the dragon I know I'm destined to be!'


The daycare centre of Fizzytopia was renowned for its level of tutelage in honing the skills of pokemon, without the stress of putting said pokemon through harsh battling. In a smaller pond not too far from the main water enclosure, a Lapras was decidedly unimpressed with a number of bubbles directed in a beam pattern at him, yet tolerant as the species remained. The source of the torrent was one Horsea by the name of Napier, who had recently learned the skill and had spent the week mastering it, while his fellow pokemon put up with it. Tori the Nidoran didn't mind too much, instead taking time on reading on the differences between Shelmet and Karrablast and their evolutionary procedures.

With Alex having kept them in for the next week, with the intention of bringing them up to speed with the others, she knew what was required, but was content with her surroundings, and her caring nature towards others within the daycare.

Alas, such peace wouldn't last.

Pricking up her ears, the Nidoran poked at the seahorse, who turned to face her quizzically, to the sound of wind whipping around unnaturally, and an encroaching shadow. Looking up, the pair, as well as some of the other more curious pokemon in the centre, found the source to be a fairly innocent looking helicopter with a light, neutral grey tone and some electric blue stripes. Further up, there were humans looking down, as though scoping the sights out, who in contrast were wearing black, but with no big red R defining the Rockets.

'Huh, who're these guys?'

Four ropes belayed down with four of the masked men, and on touchdown a symbol on their tops resembling a shield as well as berets with a distinctive silver cross, as well as their intimidating leer as they surveyed the area, causing some of the younger pokemon to draw back in fear.

Wordlessly, the group brandished a number of balls, as well as batons, before releasing the contents, revealing several mean looking Scraggy and Pawniard as the copter lowered to the ground and a rear hatch opened up. Staring down the daycare inhabitants, they motioned to the copter with a growl, intending the patrons to enter.

Napier was now as unimpressed as the Lapras, and responded to the bladed pokemon approaching him the only way that he knew: Spitting in its face with hot water.

The Pawniard screeched, trying to rub the scalding liquid off him as the daycare went into pandemonium, with an Aipom immediately hitting the alarm lever to attract the attention of the daycare defense team. Roaring, the humans began to order their minions to grab whoever they could, before one of the men sneered towards the defiant Horsea, holding a great ball and then unleashing the occupant, pointing at him and Tori with a motion towards his neck.

The single crimson eye of the pokemon glared at the pair, thick wooden body supported by several spindly legs, and two mean looking set of claws, the Trevenant was clearly the bigger threat, and one focused solely on the pair. With a snarl, it stretched its roots wide, blocking their escape routes before releasing several blue flames at them, to which Napier responded with a swift water gun, extinguishing the wisps. Not to be perturbed, the lumbering forest guardian waved its arms in a suspicious manner, before tendrils of energy lashed into the Horsea and Nidoran, instilling pain into them and then...nothing?

At least, nothing until the Trevenant slammed a noxious vine into the water pokemon, who hissed in great pain to Tori's shock. Trying to think back to the book she read a few weeks back, it was then the Nidoran realised what happened, for the energy was a forest curse, granting the pair a grass type which the ent was exploiting with poison jab. Waiting for an opening as the Elder Tree was focusing on Napier, who was fending off the tendril with blasts of dragonbreath, the Nidoran darted forward and struck forth into the darkness with her tail steeped in poison, the grass type grunting as the attack knocked him off balance, if it didn't seem to do much else. Swinging his fist round, the nimble poison type dodged before noting the purple twinge growing, a successful poisoning by striking at a critical point.

Annoyed at this trickery, it gathered spectral energy in its claw before swiping at her, knocking her back with a shadowy burst, before the Trevenant was knocked for six from behind as the cavalry of sorts had arrived in the form of the daycare's personal guard, one rather angry Kangaskhan sporting an interesting band around her wrist, with one just as nasty kid out of the pouch, a parental bond still as strong as ever as the Mega started pummeling literally anything not on the guest list as the humans frantically tried to quell her outrage, to little effect. Seizing the opportunity, Tori squeaked to the wincing Napier, pointing out the distracted Trevenant, before she sprayed a venom at the poisoned pokemon, drenching it. A ghostly wail as the acid burned at its strength, as it flailed, giving the Horsea ample opportunity to inhale before firing a beam of chilling energy, locked on naturally to the same point the Nidoran had targeted, and as the [/b]ice[/b] struck, the lumbering pokemon clouted one of the masked men round the head with a hammering blow that sounded like wood, knocking him clean unconscious. Cursing, the men hauled him onto the copter as they swiftly recalled their pokemon and made for a quick getaway, having failed to procure a single pokemon.

All except the man and his Trevenant, the former having grabbed the rope as he was being winched, trying to stay as long as possible while his pokemon shuddered, glaring directly towards the two upstarts, and then procuring a wooden splinter, stabbed itself in the gut with the splinter cloaked in a dark aura, which lanced towards the pair. Napier swiftly dove into the pool to escape the assault, but turned to see the Nidoran had jumped into the path, taking both barrels of the curse as she screeched. Collapsing, the Nidoran glared at the Trevenant who slumped down as a result of a double teamed crunch from the Kangaskhan, then watched as the coward recalled it and the copter made a swift getaway.



Within her, the curse tried hard to burn at her life energy, sapping it away, but deep inside her, something boiled, some sort of energy. She had heard of this feeling, this pain, a certain kind of pain that felt...good? Was this the energy she had heard of, the energy a pokemon with potential gathers as they grow, until one day it reaches a threshold?

A pulse of pain, and Tori knew this was the time. Releasing that energy into herself, she found herself blinded by white and blue, and then, to some surprise, she saw visions. Visions of the past, visions of the future, visions of herself, visions of others, visions of things she had never even heard of. And then suddenly she found herself back in the daycare, looking around at the scene before her, the Kangaskhan and kid giving a respectful nod, the patrons cheering and applauding, and Napier looking at her with the unmistakable air of envy, and the even more unmistakable air of...was that admiration? Giving her head a shake, Tori clambered to the pond for a quick drink - whatever that was, it made her thirsty - and saw for herself what the cause was, for no longer did she see a Nidoran, but a bigger, more mature Nidorina.

OOC: Picking up level 16 Nidoran-F and level 22 Horsea, and evolving Nidoran-F into Nidorina, then dropping off level 16 Nidorina and level 22 Horsea.
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