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Bulbasaur Beginner Trainer Battle: Aposteriori vs EpicSquirtle

"It's a beautiful sunny day at the new fairground, one that doesn't look nearly as old and abandoned and ghostly like that old one over there *points at arena thread*
So lets enjoy the sun there and all the wonderful rides and attractions, and looks like we have two people stepping onto the Pokémon battlefield! This going to be fun so get your popcorn out! Did I mention already that the snacks are great around here too? Anyhow, from my commentator booth here I can already see some people awaiting a battle. Now lets see how they filled in the form."

Aposteriori vs EpicSquirtle
Beginner Trainer Battle
1 on 1
72 hr DQ
Hold Item: No
Heal Item: No

Fizzytopia's New Fairground: The rides and game stands aren't the only attractions here at the Fairgrounds, Trainers of all ages are welcome to pitch their Pokemon against each other in front of a bedazzled crowd! After all, what else draws a crowd and boosts ticket sales better than a good Pokemon battle? A hard 50m x 50m, clay arena has been cheaply sculpted somewhere near the center of the Fairgrounds, where it has been surrounded by a high, hard plastic fence covered in bright flashing lights, mostly to keep excited kids from running onto the field.

"I see 'Hold Item' and 'Heal Item' are unmarked, guess that simply means 'No' than."

Rules of this match:
Standard battle rules apply so
- PM me your Pokémon and your first orders, what you PM me is what you get to use!
- First round is reffed
- RNG determines who goes first in the next round
- Orders are reversed after each reffing
- You can order up to 3 moves each round, dodging counts as a move
- Battle ends when either Health or Energy reaches 0%
- PM me any questions you may have at any point

Fancy RP to come when the battle starts so get those PM's in!
Though I might just stick to a commentator style as it fits the arena.
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