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IQ/Shadow Confirmations on 6/21/2016

Hawlucha with 2 IQ points.
Liepard with 5 IQ points.
Numel with 6 IQ points.

Missingno. Master:
Shadow Ledian with 5 IQ points.
Camerupt with 5 IQ points.

Gemini Spark:
Liepard with 6 IQ points.
Frillish with 5 IQ points.
Milotic with 4 IQ points.
Larvitar with 2 IQ points.

Whimsy: {If you can repost with a link to Machop's Birthday Gummi, I can confirm it for you next update.}
Numel with 5 IQ points.

Vivillon with 2 IQ points.
Scyther with 4 IQ points.
Ledyba with 7 IQ points.
Phantump with 13 IQ points.
Chinchou with 13 IQ points.
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