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I went on vacation so sadly I missed games six and seven of the series. I'll admit I definitely wrote off the Cavs after game two. After getting solidly beaten in game one and blown out in game two, I didn't think they had a chance. Even though they won handily in game three, Golden State came back and took a game in Cleveland to go up 3-1 and I thought they were done for again. It amazes me that even with the Draymond suspension for a game, Curry's injury, Bogut's injury, etc. that the Cavs were able to take three games in a row. Some interesting numbers:

-First time since November 2013 that Golden State has lost three games in a row
-Golden State went 73-9 in the regular season. They went 15-9 in the postseason
-Golden State lost two home games in the regular season. They lost three home games in the postseason, including two against the Cavaliers

I know LeBron (and Kyrie) really took over in games five, six, and seven, but I cant' help feeling like the Warriors kind of blew it. It doesn't really feel like the Patriots '07 season where they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl because that's one game and anything can happen in one game. But in a seven game series you expect the better team to come out on top a lot more often than not. I wanted to be able to have the conversation about whether this Warriors team was the greatest of all time but I still think that title remains with Michael Jordan's Bulls because Chef Curry's crew couldn't pull it off.


Moving forward, I'm super excited for the draft on Thursday. As a Sixers fan we finally have that sweet, sweet number one pick after three years of tanking. I really hope it's Ben Simmons. I'd be really disappointed with anyone else at this point (welllll, Brandon Ingram would be okay I guess). Also Embiid and Saric are supposed to finally play this year so we'll have a lot of young talent coming together. I don't expect great things out of this season but we should definitely be able to improve on last year's 10 win season lol.
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