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It was the greatest choke job in sports history by the Warriors, induced by the stress of going 73-9.

Last year's Warriors were 100% healthy, while the Cavaliers weren't, and Lebron took them to 6 games. Those games didn't really feel contested though.

This year's Warriors were 1) heavily injured, and 2) arrogant. Curry has been injured all of the playoffs and except for a short moment versus the Trailblazers, was not the regular season MVP in the postseason.

Draymond Green allowing himself to be baited is a symptom of that entitlement/arrogance that sabotaged the team, almost killing them in the conference finals versus the Thunder. Thompson regressing back to ignoring easy layups and only shooting for 3's also reflects how the team fell apart late in season, late in the postseason and in the last few minutes of Game 7.

Lebron earned this, but remember - it's basketball. Good teams win, the best teams win, and chokes really shouldn't happen. The fact that we saw a 67-15 and 73-9 team bounced in the same year really says more about those teams fading, rather than a team like the Cavaliers or Thunder overpowering them.

Golden State looked like a shadow of itself in Game 5 and played exactly like that even through Game 7. It isn't the first time this happened, we saw it in the regular season during those losses to Minnesota and Boston, and then the hole dug against the Thunder.
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