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I did really well in Kanto, getting all of them, and Johto, only missing a few (like Yanma). I thought I had to do them in order until I typed "Pidgeotto" and it filled in "Pidgeot" before I could finish typing. That was a load off.
I also did surprisingly well in Gen 6, but that's because each Pokemon there has a niche. The concepts are more different than the Pokemon in the previous gens, and it makes sense cause they had such few Pokemon introduced.
Kanto and Johto I only figured out because I have the Pokeraps almost memorized. The beginning of Hoenn was easy for the same reason and then I just kind of completely forgot the rest of it (except the part where it's like "now we get real quiet just for a few, Jirachi, Deoxys, Celebi, and Mew...NOW WE BRING IT BACK AGAIN FOR TORKAL AND SPOINK, NUMEL AND CAMERUPT ROCKIN' THIS JOINT...ah, classic)
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