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Chesnaught Basketball? In MY Pokemon forum?

So as far as I can tell, there's no basketball thread in UPN, which is probably for the better, but yaknow. Basketball's personally one of my favorite sports, and despite criticisms of the NBA basically being to basketball as WWE is to wrestling, I still love it for its semi-simple format of the game. Also, I don't have all that many channels, so watching college basketball is hard. Anyway, I'll start with my basketball story, I guess.

So when I was, like, 7, I played my first basketball video game. I think it was the demo for NBA 07 on the PS3. Whatever the case, I played it with my dad, and I got hooked. I started watching the NBA in the 07-08 season, in which I was dazzled by the team play of the Boston Celtics, particularly the 3 point prowess of Ray Allen. I joined my school team that year, but being somewhat stocky and unathletic, that didn't really work out. I persisted, and my dad gave me some pointers, and I gained the mindset of a rebounding king. Unfortunately, my body didn't always cooperate, and though I may have been a rebounding king at heart, I was a scoring scrub on the court. I played basketball for school and recreational leagues as much as I could, but when there was a conflict between my varsity (and junior varsity) team and other things this year, I finally decided to quit putting my effort into something that I would never be all that good at.

I still play some pick-up basketball at my gym from time to time and work on my scoring and coordination, partially in hopes that I might return to my basketball team some day.

Anyway, yeah, basketball is a really fun sport, especially with good officiating and good sportsmanship. If any of you guys agree, this is the place for discussing it.

In that train of thought: The Warriors.

The Warriors had a historic season, having an unprecedented 73-9 W/L season. However, their postseason came to a close less than an hour ago making a more tragic sort of history: with the Cavaliers, who had trailed 3-1 in the series, coming back to win it all. This, too, is history of its own. In the Finals, no team has ever been able to make up a 3-1 deficit. Until today. Not a single championship has been won by a professional sports team based in Cleveland since the late 60s.

This coincides with professional American sports teams with historic winning seasons in the NFL, NHL, and MLB never having won their respective championships.

So what are your thoughts on the matter? Was Andrew Bogut's injury in the Finals too big of a loss to make up? Is this LeBron James' greatest achievement? Was the pressure for a two-peat in addition to the winning-est season of all time just too much for the Warriors? Do you know nothing about basketball????????? Discuss.

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