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As you advance through the TLs, you naturally become a harder gym leader to face.

If gato were to get the gym at TL4, he doesn't have access to Mega Charizard, Mega Ampharos, or Mega Altaria unless he wants to risk disobedience.

At the TL5, you still miss out on multiple TL6 dragons, so you are limited to one, and you are yet able to get dragonite.

TL6, that's when you get the full access. So what if you get Charizard X? You are already good, its not going to make unbeatable but it will give you a well rounded team.

You shouldn't be looking to face this gym at lower TLs.

Having confidence in my skills, I was going to handle Charminion's Charizard-X with Lunatone. You can find creative ways to deal with the megas, they have counters or decent neutral matchups. You can probably do something well with Dunsparce. I just think its limiting to ban a great function that makes sense thematically, and its not a clutch for the gym leader to rely on these pokemon.
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