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In theory it would give them too much boon. In practice, Kush went undefeated with the absence of mega pokemon. Dragons now have fairies to worry about, and have freeze dry to annoy Kingdra. The pokemon that Kush heavily relied on suddenly have to worry about a type that they don't even have enough coverage against under normal circumstances. If you want to beat a dragon gym today, your best bet is a couple of good fairies. One Mega Charizard X, and you are good to live another day against a smart trainer who will pack Clefable, Wigglytuff, Azumarill.

Hard counters for all of the megas mentioned are Flygon, and Gliscor. Soft counters for at least two of the megas would be Steelix, Mamoswine, Lapras, almost any ice type.

Adapt. That is what I can say to the trainer facing this new mechanic. As the opposing trainer, you will always know what mega you are going to face. If someone is going to bring two mega, state in their squad post which one is the one locked into evolving. There are good counters for all of the megas, and probably will be more in the upcoming gen.
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