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Gym Leaders are meant to be beatable. Allowing this makes a Dragon Gym incredibly hard to surmount. Not only do they already have access to some excellent Pokemon, they would gain access to three (Charizard X, Mega Ampharos and Mega Sceptile) more, and the only one of these which isn't wildly useful to a Dragon Gym is Sceptile. Charizard X is neutral to Ice and Water, two types which give Dragon a run for their money, while Ampharos gets unlimited SE on the latter.

In my eyes this gives Dragon Gyms too much of a boon over the opposition when you consider the fact they will also have a Badge backing them up, as well as no doubt a number of arena effects. Even if we said they would have to immediately Mega Evolve, this doesn't really change the fact that the use of them would hand the Gym Leader even more of an advantage than they were already packing, and they're meant to inherently be the one with the disadvantage.
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