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I make this suggestion fairly certain that it will be shot down without a whole lot of thought, but dammit I'm going to make it anyway.

So, I don't entirely understand why Pokemon that Mega-Evolve into X type, that were not originally X type, are outright not allowed in X Gym. I understand that we should not be letting a leader bring a Fire/Flying 'Zard into a Dragon Gym for some time without mega-evolving it, as well as understand that it equally isn't fair if that 'mon starts the match already mega-evolved.

But both of these issues are easily avoidable under the following clause: A gym leader, if bringing a Pokemon not originally of that leader's type that Mega-Evolves into a Pokemon of that leader's type, MUST Mega-Evolve it immediately upon sending it out.

Can someone explain to me why this would be not feasible?


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