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"So are we just gonna pretend you didn't promise you'd try to stop impusively collecting new team members?"
Michael gave off a sheepish chuckle as he walked down the streets of Fizzytopia, with his Panpour riding on his shoulder. Blue was right, he did set himself a maxiumum quota and he reached said quota a few months back. But here he was, making his way over to the Cable Club again to yet again add to his roster.
"I know, I know... I just couldn't help myself. I saw some potential in the guy and you know how I am when it comes to sparks of potential." Michael muttered, ashamed. Blue gave the breeder a playful swipe to the back of his head.
"Hey, hey, I'm not judging dude. Relax!" Blue reassured. Michael wasn't convinced though, his feelings of guilt evident by the way he dragged his feet. Blue jumped onto his trainer's head, leaning over so he was face to upside down face with the man.
"Dude, I think I speak for everyone in the team when I say we like it when you're fired up like this. It means things are about to get so much more fun~!" Michael gave his Panpour an apologetic smile. Blue was right, he was overthinking things again. Nobody really cared about how big a trainer's team was, and everyone in his team was very supportive of their trainer's random bouts of energy. And as long as they were happy, he was happy. Blue watched triumphantly as the light returned to his trainer's eyes. With a renewed feeling of excitement, Michael started to run through the town, his Panpour whistling and cheering as he held tightly onto his head.
"There's the Michael I know and love!" Blue whooped excitedly. The duo reached the Cable Club way earlier than they'd planned. Michael looked around the bustling shop, trying to find the trainer n who he'd talked to online. They found her quietly tucked away in one of the corners, as if she were trying to take up less space than everyone else. As Michael approached the woman and started up the trade preparations, Blue leapt off his shoulder, trying to scope out their target.
" So, who is it? Who's our new housema- oh, hello."
Blue's search was interrupted as the trainer released a Bunnelby onto the table next to her. He quickly leapt onto the tabletop and started circling the Bunnelby, giving him a few playful rubs as he checked the bunny out.
"I see what you meant Michael, I can almost feel the sparks coming off of this guy! A Grade-A cutie if I do say so myself!" Blue crooned. The Bunnelby started to blush, awkwardly trying to back away from the overly friendly Panpour,
"Hey dude uh... I 'preciate the compliments but could you maybe like settle down with the frisking and such? I'm getting a mite bit uncomfortable." The Bunnelby asked, anxiously. Michael looked over at the two pokemon, noting how distressed the Bunnelby was acting. He gave his Panpour a quick tap on the shoulder.
"Blue, chill out dude. We've talked about this." He told Blue as firmly as he could. Blue wasn't deterred.
"I'm sorry Mike, but how can I compose myself while in the presence of a Bunnelby this handsome?" Blue replied, before somehow pulling out a bouquet of flowers from out of nowhere. He presented them to the Bunnelby.
"For you, sir." The Bunnelby gave a few embarrassed squeaks, unsure as to how to react. Blue smirked.
"He's speechless, How cute!" Blue said, cheerfully. Michael gave the Bunnelby an apologetic smile.
"I'm sorry dude, he's like this with almost everyone. I apologise if he's offended you in any way."
The Bunnelby seemed to understand the apology, waving his hands as if to say "Don't worry about it." Blue took a few steps back, holding his paw to his chest as overdramatically as he could.
"Offended? Michael, you hurt me. I'm only praising his looks." He cried, not only chewing the scenery but the script and audience as well. The Panpour looked back to the Bunnelby, giving him a cheeky smile.
"But how about I say something REALLY offensive? Blow those cute ears right off his head~?"
Blue's crude attempt at an advance was hindered as Michael playfully tugged him back by his tail. Michael held the Panpour in place, looking him dead in the eyes as he said,
"He's gonna be picked up by somebody else. I'll try to see if I can work out a deal with them but please understand that it's likely that he might not come home with us. Now chill your jets before we end up with a lawsuit on our hands." Blue sat down sulking.
"I take it back, you're no fun at all." He moaned, sticking his tongue out at Michael prompting the trainer to stick his tongue out in response.
"Fiiiiiine, I'll stop. But if it's not him, who is it?" Blue groaned, annoyed. His question was answered by a shout from above him.
"IN THE NAME OF JUSTIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!" Michael and Blue looked up to see a masked Spinda standing on top of the trading machine. Well, standing wasn't the right word - desperately trying to keep his balance would be a better description.
"Oh boy." Blue's previous annoyance was gone, replaced by his usual curiosity. He looked on amused and intrigued as the Spinda tottered backwards a few steps before dashing forward, taking a mighty heroic leap off of the trading machine towards the table he was standing on. Blue mentally counted to three before taking a step backwards, aiming to avoid getting flattened with his usual dramatic flair.
It didn't matter though. Spinda crashed face first into the opposite side of the table, missing Blue by such a large margin that the Panpour moving made no difference. The Spinda brushed himself off and got back to his feet with practiced flourish, undeterred by the scene he was causing. He rushed forward towards the Bunnelby and Panpour.
"FEAR NOT, FRIEND! I, Percival, have come to save you from this lecherous miscreaaaaaaaAAAH-" Percival's exclaimations were interrupted as he charged too far, accidentally running between the two pokemon and falling off the table. Blue cringed, as a single trail of sweat ran down the back of his head.
"Meet our newest team mate." Michael said, chuckling.
"You serious?" Blue asked, incredulous. Michael nodded, kneeling down under the table to check on the Spinda.
"Wait, you're actually, ACTUALLY serious." Blue deadpanned. Michael scooped up Percival, giving the normal type a quick scan for injuries. Surprisingly, the Spinda seemed to be unharmed by his accident.
"What luck! I seem to have found a lost wallet under the table! I shall not rest until I find it's owner!" Percival shouted, brandishing said wallet aloft. A nearby trainer saw the wallet and ran over, relieved. He explained to Michael that he'd spent the last three hours looking for the wallet, and was worried that it had been stolen. He thanked Michael and Percival, before leaving the shop with a spring in his step. Michael set Percival down back onto the table, as Blue made his way over to the pair.
"Well I mean... I woulda preferred your friend. But you seem fun enough I guess. I mean, you'll fit right in with the rest of us lunatics. Name's Blue, welcome to the troupe!" Blue said, holding his paw out to shake the Spinda's hand.
"The pleasure is mine, friend! Let us fight for justice side by side!" Percival cries heroically, before tottering forward. However as he tried to shake Blue's paw Percival accidentally tripped and fell forward, knocking Blue over. The Panpour fell onto his back, skidding back a few paces before stopping just short of the table's edge. Blue sits up, rubbing his back in pain before giving Percival an angry glare.
"Hey! What the hell ma-" Blue started, before his angry accusation was interrupted by the sound of an angry Zebstrika nearby. The unruly Zebstrika gave off a mighty thunderbolt, striking Percival dead on. Blue looked on in horror as the electricity arced its way through the Spinda's body, but the Spinda seemed very nonplussed about the whole ordeal. The Zebstrika was quickly subdued, with Michael giving it's trainer a few tips on how to control the Electric Type.
"You alright, Percy?" Blue asked, worried. Percival brushed himself off, setting his fur back into place after the shock made him puff up.
"I'm fine! I have suffered worse in my pursuit of justice! Though I am glad you managed to get out of the way in time, that Thunderbolt would have really hurt you." Percy replied, nonchalantly. It was then Blue noticed where Percival had been standing - he was right where he himself had been a minute prior. Had Percival not tripped over...
"I guess I should be thankful." Blue smirked, trying to hide his newfound interest in his new teammate.
"No need for thanks, it's my job to protect the innocent and uphold justice! Though if I could make one request: Please, refer to me as Percival, not Percy."
"Whatever you say, Percy."Blue taunted cheekily.

OOC: Trading Tyoyo 1 Rare Candy for his Level 1 Male Spinda. Prepare villains, for Percival is coming to smite you down FOR JUSTICE!

*Trade Started!*
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