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Propaganda, slowly shrugging off the bout of electrical paralysis he had suffered just a few moments ago, narrows his eyes at the pink fairy hovering a few feet in the air. Opening his maw wide, a brilliant orange ball of energy forms in front of him, his tongue swirling deftly around it. With a grunt of exertion, the glowing orb quickly destabilizes and bursts forth, the destructive beam ripping through the air in between the two combatants with a menacing crackle. Aeria is struck head on by Propaganda's assault, and cries out in pain. Glaring angrily at the now smug Lickilicky and regaining her bearings, Aeria rushes at the tongued behemoth, energy swirling around her fist. Making eye contact with Propaganda, the fairy could not help but smirk as she slams her fist directly into his face, a very slight bruise immediately forming on his cheek where he was struck.

Propaganda recoils in intense pain from the focused attack, while the Clefable a few feet away from him seems to look far better off than she had only a few moments ago. He digs his heels into the dirt and seems to inflate ever so slightly, right before he once again opens his maw, this time a pressurized torrent of water spewing forth with great speed. The rush of water strikes Aeria dead center, Propaganda now mildly satisfied with the revenge he wrought on her. Aeria shakes some of the water droplets clinging to her coat from her body, growling a little at the Lickilicky, before smiling gleefully as her previously unused fist quickly becomes covered with the same swirling energy as before. Propaganda's eyes widen slightly before shutting tightly in another bout of intense pain, as the Clefable punches him in the gut. Aeria follows through with the strike, re-stabilizing her aerial position. Propaganda quickly regains his bearings, noting grimly that the fairy once more seems to be revitalized.

: Aeria didn't take all that much damage this round, and looks more or less the same as she did the round before. Propaganda, on the other hand, has taken a nasty beating; he has quite a bit of footing to regain. On the upside, any trace of paralysis is long, long gone. Both combatants are panting a little, although neither close to exhaustion. Aeria's fighting energy, while not entirely gone, is looking quite sparse. Aeria isn't too far from Propaganda, and hovers just a few feet in the air.

@Machamp: Yes, Aeria was levitating, but that alone doesn't grant anything close to immunity from ground-originating contact moves. Aeria was well within reasonable reach of Propaganda's attack.


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