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Originally Posted by Aposteriori View Post
>Putting aside the fact that having them use 100% of each type's energy instead of something more reasonable like 66%-75%, there's a different problem. By exact wording, these moves cost double the energy than they do damage. There really needs to be a not that while they work to deplete both energy pools, the total energy from the overall energy pool actually used is equivalent to the move's power.

Where were you for the discussion? I think there is a 1 month period before bringing up moves that were just rewritten or something to that effect.

Two uses is what we discussed is fair, three becomes too potent. They use considerable energy, but consume considerable offtype for both. Under standard conditions, that is enough for two uses
That is what he is trying to say, at the moment it doesnt read as consuming offtype, it reads as consuming a total of over a hyperbeam of energy.

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