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Bestow (NO) -- The user uses moderate energy to give an attached item to another Pokémon. The user ceases to benefit from the effects of its item for five rounds. During this time, the target Pokémon gains the effects. The user can also hand over items such as Tropius's fruit for no energy cost. Mega Stones are not affected by this move.

As it is, Tokens either really suck, or are type-locked. And I'm pretty sure Attachable Badges have been ruled to not be subject to most item moves (though not sure if Bestow specifically is officially covered under that). So, what I propose is to also allow it to use some energy, say, good-significant or so, and gift it to another Pokemon on the field, giving them that much energy restoration, helping slightly with short-term exhaustion, but having little to no impact on exhaustion in the longer term. Makes it a better support move and better for Doubled.


Muddy Water (GD/WT) -- The user shoots out a very powerful, but dirty, stream of water, which does considerable damage and might lower the opponent(s) accuracy if it hits in their eyes. Since it is both Ground and Water, its type-effectiveness is slightly different, dealing super effective hits to Poison, Steel, Ground, Electric, Rock and Fire types, while being resisted by Water, Dragon, Grass and Bug types. The damage from Muddy Water will never be doubly effective or doubly ineffective against a single-typed Pokémon. This move uses considerable Ground and Water energy.

Sludge Wave (PO/WA) --The user issues a huge watery wave of toxic sludge, washing over the foe for significant damage. The large size of the wave allows it to hit multiple targets at once. This attack has a 10% chance of poisoning. Since it uses half Poison and half Water energy, its type-effectiveness is slightly different, dealing super effective hits to Fire and Fairy, while being resisted by Dragon, Ghost, Poison and Water. Steel types are considered resistant in the same way they resist moves such as Sludge Bomb. The damage from Sludge Wave will never be doubly effective or doubly ineffective against a single-typed Pokémon.This move uses significant Poison and Water energy.

Flying Press (FT/FL) - The user leaps into the air, coming down on top of the target with its full weight, dealing considerable damage. Since this move is half Flying and half Fighting, its type-effectiveness is slightly different, dealing super effective damage to Normal, Fighting, Ice, Dark and Grass Pokeémon and resisted damage to Electric, Flying, Poison, Psychic and Fairy Pokeémon. The damage from Flying Press will never be doubly effective or doubly ineffective against a single-typed Pokémon. This move uses considerable Flying and Fighting energy.

Dragon Rage (Various) -- The user summons a powerful attack which is dependent on the arena. If there is water present between the two Pokeémon, the user summons a spiral of energy, which is quickly sent at the opponent, sucking up the water in the arena to deal significant Water-typed damage for significant energy. If there isn't water, it's a large fireball which deals heavy damage in a mix of dragon and fire energy, dealing Super Effective damage on Bug, Grass and Ice-types and Not Very Effective damage on Fire and Fairy types. This move uses considerable Dragon and Fire energy.The fireball may be used in an aqueous environment, but the water version is arena-dependent.

Putting aside the fact that having them use 100% of each type's energy instead of something more reasonable like 66%-75%, there's a different problem. By exact wording, these moves cost double the energy than they do damage. There really needs to be a not that while they work to deplete both energy pools, the total energy from the overall energy pool actually used is equivalent to the move's power.


And I was not sure if I should C/P all the smoke, mist, fog, spore etc moves (I will if I need to), or the Glossary's entry pn wind moves, so I decided the latter because less copypasta

Wind Attacks - Attacks involving wind and air interact with Screens and other similar defensive techniques depending on a variety of factors. Moves that are primarily air-based (generally, Flying-typed wind attacks, such as Razor Wind, Air Cutter or Gust) tend to be fairly "solid", meaning that they will be resisted by Reflect but will break through Light Screen, while energy-based wind attacks (such as Silver Wind, Fairy Wind, Ominous Wind, etc.) will be easily blocked by Light Screen but will break through a Reflect. Ice-based winds fall somewhere between these two categories, being partially absorbed by either screen while still weakening them significantly, due to their blend of forceful wind, energy, and in the case of Blizzard, actual ice. Despite this variability, all wind attacks are boosted by moves that boost Special Attack.

My pain beef is prety much that gasses and fogs should be noted to be not super easy to blow away except by moves at least ~Twister level of power, or maybe a bit higher, or moves like Gust and Defog and possibly Whirlwind, moves whose job is to do such things. Bur a Fairy Wind should not be blowing away a fresh Smokescreen. I think it should end up noted either in the glossary and/or the move scripts


Mean Look (NO) --Using good energy, the user glares at the opponent, covering it in a blue glow for a moment which quickly fades. This move makes the victim unable to be recalled until it has fainted, including with the use of switching moves like Baton Pass. It also can intimidate the opponent in a fashion similar to Leer.

This needs to have an expiration time and also to have noted it fades if you user switches out conventionally

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