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The current full description or rule (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas

Substitute (NO) -- The user creates a copy of itself. Its trainer first specifies a power level between good and extreme (the default level is significant) and the user sacrifices that amount of health and 1.25x that amount of energy to form the copy. The copy will have the amount of health sacrificed to create it and will fade once this is depleted. Upon creating the copy, the user tricks opponents in to focusing on it and prevents them from deliberately targeting their true location under any circumstances. The user will move around to avoid attacks automatically, though indirect or arena wide damage such as Hail or Earthquake may still affect both the copy and the user. The user will still perform attacks - the Substitute is simply a very convincing distraction. The copy is immune to all status conditions. Maintaining the copy costs no energy but sustained usage will cause the user to become fatigued at a faster rate than normal.

The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)

This offers way too much efficiency. If you can specify an exact amount of health, your opponent can simply specify just barely enough to prevent an attack breaking it (leaving the Substitute with a minor worth of health or so) and then they block the next attack in it's entirety. While it's true they sacrifice health and energy to do so, the fact remains that there is still a discrepancy heavily in their favour.

The proposed changes

Switch it back to what it used to be, with it being variable charge in the same vein as Hyper Beam (quick, medium, full). Can I also ask why the current energy usage is only x1.25? Is it to make sure full charge Substitute isn't too debilitating to energy? It feels awkward for a Quick Substitute to cost Good health and essentially Solid energy.
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