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Kangaskhan (Normal): Kangaskhan come in both genders, though females are much more likely to have babies with them than males are. Along with battling, a Kangaskhan is most concerned about its child. If an opponent injures the child, Kangaskhan will go into a blind rage against them, which will last until either the offending Pokémon or Kangaskhan is unconscious. During this time, Kangaskhan's offensive stats are significantly enhanced, making them a good deal more aggressive, though they will continue to perform defensive techniques to help protect their baby, unlike states like Taunt. Kangaskhan without joeys are slightly less concerned about defending themselves, and as a consequence, will act slightly more aggressive and be slightly more agile, due to not having to worry about the safety of their child. Kangaskhan’s Comet Punch will always deal maximum number of hits. Due to having a wide variety of energy available, it is less proficient at maximising the use, resulting in suffering from slightly less type energy. In its Mega Forme, the child quickly matures. The joey will mimic all its parent’s actions, performing the same moves that the parent does at a quarter of the power, effectively giving all its attacks a 25% boost in power, provided both hits connect. The joey is also capable of performing attacks independently of its parent, though only at 25% of their original power, though it will still cost a move. They may also stagger their attacks if using the same move without using an extra move. Kangaskhan will do anything to protect the joey from harm, so if the joey is attacked directly or in danger, she will forgo her orders to intercept any damage or prevent it from additional harm (preventing additional damage from moves like Earthquake). All energy used by the joey is pulled directly from the parent, who feeds the joey with energy to maintain its temporary matured state. Kangaskhan without a joey cannot Mega Evolve.

Any chance we can make this Mega not totally garbage? At the moment you can essentially make sure Mega Kangaskhan never gets off an attack by using a Ground-Type and spamming Earthquake and Bulldoze so she has to spend her time protecting the Joey. I feel like it would make much more sense for the joey to have a set amount of HP (Say, 2 HB or so) and when it gets KO'd for the mother to go into the same rage mode it does when its joey is injured in normal form. When there is literally no other mega with the kind of godawful drawback, I'd say losing some power and the ability to use defensive moves is more than enough punishment for letting the Joey be harmed.

Relatedly, it should probably also be made explicit that the Joey only uses a quarter of the energy an attack would normally cost, because right now it reads like having the Joey use Blizzard independent of its mother will result in mild damage for major energy and that's obviously not the intent.

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