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Upon entering the, by now familiar, main halls of the Gym, Fitz immediately spots Nando speaking to a what he assumed to be one of the Gym Trainers. The two seemed to be in some discussion of sorts and the boy patiently waited for them to be finished. It was not until the Gym Leader noticing the boy's presence that he finally spoke up.

"Good morning, yes, neither did I sir Nando. There was... something I wanted to do before leaving for Pewter," the young trainer brings out the mulch and a big sack of berries before the two, "I somehow won these in a raffle and... I wanted to lighten my load a little. Seeing how well taken care the plants are here in the Gym... I want to contribute to it in some way, also as my way of e-expressing my gratitude," the boy gently smiles at the statement, "Another thing is... I remember from our match yesterday sir Nando. There was a... certain technique that you used against Poi--t-the one where your Sandshrew dug underground. I think... we could benefit from it if one of my partners could learn that."

After explaing his intentions, Nando then introduced him to another one of the Viridian Gym Trainers, Isaac, who specializes in teaching the said move. "I-it's nice to meet you Isaac, I'm Fitz Sardone, but please... just call me Fitz," the boy introduced himself. As Nando exits the building with his own agenda, Fitz and Isaac then proceeded to the berry gardens outside the Gym.

Upon arriving at the area, Fitz inspected the berries planted in the garden so far. The boy noted the variety of berries around the area, and he recognizes two of the berries planted there: some Aspear and Persim berries that looked ready to be harvested. Perhaps he could ask Isaac later if he could take some of those. Speaking of the trainer, he then turned his attention to him as he called out his Pokemon: a Swinub named Sniffer. Fitz reflexively stepped back at the Swinub's appearance, as the small swine headed straight towards him and Isaac. Crouching down to greet the Pokemon, Fitz felt a sudden shiver as it sneezed out a cold breeze towards his shoe.

Instructed to call out his Pokemon to be trained in the technique, Fitz obliged as he brought out the sole Friend Ball on his belt to release Pahn. The Panpour still feeling slightly drowsy, the monkey rubbed his eyes and yawned in front of Fitz and Isaac. "Good morning Pahn... sorry for waking you up at this time, but... I kind of need you awake right now. I'll let you get some rest later, ok?" Pahn groggily nodded at his Trainer's request as he was now slowly waking up. "Listen, I'm gonna have you to learn how to Dig. It's... um, the method is going to be the o-old-fashioned way though. No TMs," with that, Isaac had then demonstrated to Fitz and Pahn thoguh Sniffer on what their training will be.

Having helped out his uncle with planting outside their home from time to time, the boy had some idea on the basics of planting and which berries were appropriate to be planted. Examining the Mulches on possession, he stowed away the Rich Mulch; he wasn't going to need that here. The four remaining mulches on the other hand will prove useful in planting berries that he otherwise couldn't, not without a bountiful harvest anyway. Upon deciding which berry to plant this time, he set aside the other three mulches; they would get some use another time. Fitz then rummaged through his berry sack, examining the Berries that he could spare in planting. Notably he set aside the following:

1 Shuca Berry, a berry that somehow prefers Viridian soil despite the nature of it indicating otherwise
1 Sitrus Berry (1/7 in stock), with the Dense Mulch
Turning to his Panpour, he spoke up, "Alright... Pahn, we're gonna need to d-dig up two plots, like so..." Fitz quickly demonstrated with his own hands as he dug up some soil and thus creating a small hole, "Something like this, though you're going to need to dig more... than what I just did. M-more along the lines of what Sniffer did actually... You hands are much more suited to digging than mine. Just... do it at your own pace alright?" he then turns to Isaac, "Isaac, may I borrow a trowel?" As he said this, he then proceeded to get the seeds out from the berries to ready them for planting.


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