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Fitz could hardly believe it.

It was as if someone had instantly pressed a fast-forward button somewhere, but as soon as he gave out his orders to Pahn, it seemed like it only took a second before witnessing Nando's Sandshrew blasted away by Pahn's very powerful Hydro Pump, knocking him back to the tree behind Nando and instantly knocking him out. In turn, with Pahn still standing, exhausted but nonetheless standing, Fitz was declared the winner of his Gym Match against Nando.

Fitz could hardly believe it. He won.

The boy froze in place, the shock of emerging victorious still keeping him there. He was hardly aware of Pahn dropping down on the ground, resting after a well-fought match and Poi beside him slowly waking up from being knocked out earlier, until Nando clasps his hand on Fitz's shoulder snapping him back to reality.

"That was a well fought victory, Fitz. I hope you learned well. Your friends are clearly impressed too."

As Nando mentions Fitz's friends, the boy turned to them, to see Sophia hugging an unwilling Lewis, creating an amusing sight for the boy. What was clear though is that each of them are expressing their delight in witnessing his victory against Nando. Even Nando couldn't help but bask in the duo's display. Finally, after what seemed like after a while, Fitz turned to both Poi and Pahn, the realization now catching up to him as both Pokemon grinned back at him.

"We... we won. We actually... won!"


After allowing some time for Poi and Pahn to recover and with Sophia and Lewis both offering their congratulations, Nando had gestured Fitz's group all the way back to the main hall. Recalling Poi back to his Poke Ball due to his injuries, this left him with Pahn resting on one of his shoulders as they waited for Nando. Eventually Nando showed up, while carrying a disc and a sleek black case. The Gym Leader then presents these gifts to Fitz.

"This is the TM for Bulldoze," he presents the disc first, "As you saw in our battle, it's a technique which can not only change the landscape of the surrounding battle in places with malleable ground, it can grant you a tactical advantage by slowing your foe. Use it wisely. And this..." he not presents the case, along with a small green badge from his cloak, "...would be your badge case, as well as the badge I bestow in recognition of those who triumph in battle over me. You earned it, son."

With that, Fitz received the TM and the case as Pahn swiped the badge from Fitz, his curiousity piqued from the small medal. Fitz smiled at the sight before turning back to Nando, "I wish you good luck on your future endeavours, and an honest appraisal of your abilities. Keep on your current track, and you are sure to learn well. You'll make a grand trainer, as much as you are already gifted."

As soon as Nando finished, Fitz replied back with a bow, "Oh, sir Nando, thank you very much f-for the time, experience... and training you have given me. I... I wouldn't go that far with... me being gifted though, but... I appreciate the praise and your appraisal of my skills. I know that, while I may have learned many things from you, I... still have a long way to go into becoming a... a grand trainer that you see me as, but I vow to continue growing into a... deserving trainer for my Pokemon to be proud of. With that, sir Nando, I... um... thank you. Until we meet again," with that Pahn handed the Earth Badge back to Fitz and the boy gazed on the Badge for a while, a proof of his skill as a Trainer, until securing it in his new case.


Soon, night had fallen and thus Fitz had checked in the Pokemon Center. After celebrating their victory along with Sophia, Lewis, and even Josie, the boy had his Pokemon checked up while claiming more rewards from yet another raffle. Eventually, the young trainer retired into his room for the night. With Poi and Del still undergoing treatment and check-up, he was left all alone with Pahn in his rented room, the latter being released early due to suffering the least amount of injuries among the three. On the the desk provided by the Center in all their rooms, Fitz sat on his own with Pahn who had already fallen asleep on his bed and a Kecleon doll wearing what looks to be a crown made out of a rock sitting on one side of the desk keeping him company for the night. With a nearby desk lamp as his light source, the boy has all his attention focused on his journal, writing another entry into its pages:

It's a very surprising feeling when one exceeds their own expectations of themselves; I could still hardly believe that I had emerged victorious against the challenge provided by sir Nando. If I had insistently turned down the offer to be trained under sir Nando and had given it to Sophia or Lewis, I'd probably still doubt about my capabilities as a Trainer, even more so than now. It eases my mind to be assured that I am doing something right for Poi, Del, and Pahn. They see the worth in me as a trainer and as a person, so much so that both Del and Pahn entrusted themselves to my care even they could have decided not to. Whatever my friends had seen from me when I couldn't, it was probably the same value that Sophia, Lewis, and even sir Nando saw in me. I'm not sure if I see the making of a great trainer in myself, but with the Earth Badge in my hands, I can at least see why they see it in me.

Madam Vi, Sophia, Josie, Lewis, sir Nando, the people I've gotten to know in Viridian... each of them have helped in supporting me in some way. I'm very grateful for what they have done and while I have decided to depart immediately for Pewter tomorrow, I want to leave something something behind before I go. A sign of my gratitude, for taking good care of me over the years. This forest village have been nothing but kind to me, but I think it's time I expand my horizons. I'll miss this place, but I realize that this is a necessary step in my travel around the region.
After finishing his entry, the boy went to bed to rest to join Pahn in his sleep.

6/7/2016               4:02 PM
Viridian Village
Badges: 1               Caught: 5
Time: XXX:XX

Would you like to save your adventure so far?
> Yes

Now saving your adventure...
Don't turn off the power.

Fitzgerald saved the game.
Soon, morning had arrived though it was at a point where the sky had brightened up slightly yet the sun had yet to rise. After getting back his Pokemon from recovery, Fitz decided that he wanted to do his loose ends in Viridian at this time before departing for Pewter. The boy's destination was back at the Viridian Gym with mulches on hand. For some reason, he wanted to give back to Viridian Village and the boy had too many berries than he could ever make use of. Not wanting to bring the mulches along with him to Pewter and wanting to lighten his load a little, he decided to use them as he plants some of the berries before leaving. Another thing he wanted to do, after witnessing Nando's Pokemon in action was teaching Pahn Dig. He felt the move could prove useful to him in the long run and Pahn was the most suitable candidate among the three.

Pahn leveled up from 10 to 11!
Pahn's Mood increased from 77 to 100!
Pahn learned Disarming Voice!
Poi's Mood increased from 85 to 105!
Poi learned Whirlwind!
Del's Mood increased from 52 to 72!
Received x1 Poke Doll!
Received x1 King's Rock!
Received x1 Rare Candy!
Received x1 Dense Mulch!
Received x1 Tropical Mulch!
Received x1 Rich Mulch!
Received x1 Fertile Mulch!
Received x1 Grainy Mulch!
Received TM Sunny Day!

Received TM Bulldoze!
Received Badge Case!
Received Earth Badge!
Fitz can now have two reserve Pokemon! (Total Pokemon allowed on possession: 8)
Received $6000! (Total: $12300)
Received x1 Star Shard! (Total: 19)


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