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One Man's Trash

It was a beautiful day in the Fizzytopia region. Sun shining, not a cloud to be seen... ideal conditions for Pokémon battles. Which was quite fortunate for one Keith Masters, considering what he was doing right at that moment. A chance encounter between two Trainers on the outskirts of the desert resulted in pretty much the only logical conclusion- a Pokémon fight.

"Hawlucha! Wing Attack, go!" exclaimed Keith's opponent- a young boy by the name of Oliver, to whom Keith was something of a mentor and friendly rival.

"Jack, we'll use Wing Attack as well!" Keith called out, commanding what appeared to be a Hawlucha identical to the one Oliver was commanding. Both Hawlucha lunged at each other, but Jack proved to be the quicker of the two, striking with his glowing wings and sending the opponent tumbling backwards. However, it managed to right itself remarkably quickly.

"It's fast," grunted Oliver. "OK, then, Hawlucha- let's use Aerial Ace!"

"Jack, Detect!" ordered Keith.

"Lucha!" Jack nodded, deftly evading the opponent's swift slashing motions with a gleam in his eyes. This one caught Hawlucha off-guard, and it lost its footing.

"We got it! Flying Press, go!" Keith grinned.

"Oh, no, you don't! exclaimed Oliver. "Hawlucha, Fly!"

What happened next was pretty hard to follow. Though Jack was already diving down towards his mirror image, aforementioned Hawlucha managed to spring up out of the way, staying aloft with its wings spread wide... and then it dove down after its doppelganger, who had just crashed into the ground. Between that, and Hawlucha's powerful attack, Jack made no effort to get back up. Instead, he glowed briefly and lost all shape, resuming the form of a totally unconscious, slightly jiggling Ditto.

"Jack is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled from his position on the sidelines. "Hawlucha wins!"

"Return now, Jack!" Keith said, withdrawing his Ditto. "Not too shabby, Oliver," he added with a grin. "But let's see how you deal with this one," he added, throwing a Heal Ball. "Cotton, it's your turn now!"

In a flash of light, Keith's Swirlix materialized, floating in midair with only his tail sticking out of his fluffy fur. "Swirlix swirl!" Cotton exclaimed, eyeing up his opponent.

"That's new," observed Oliver. "Alright, then- Hawlucha, use your Steel Wing!"

Keith's grin widened. "Cotton! Flamethrower!" he commanded.

Hawlucha was flying in close, its wings casting a silvery glow... only to be met with a powerful stream of flames from the Fairy-type's mouth. The Steel-type move couldn't muscle through the Fire-type move, and Hawlucha tumbled to the ground.

"Now! Use Dazzling Gleam!" Keith ordered.

"Swiiiiiiiiiirl!" trilled the Swirlix, his entire body casting a burst of powerful magical light. Hawlucha cried out as the super effective move bombarded it, and it subsequently slumped to the ground.

"And Hawlucha is unable ta battle!" ruled Meowth. "Dat's one Pokémon down on each side!"

"Wow," Oliver commented as he withdrew Hawlucha. "That Swirlix is pretty good!"

"Thanks," grinned Keith. "So's Hawlucha. So, what's up next?"

At this, Oliver threw another ball. "See for yourself!" he exclaimed as his Pelipper appeared in midair. "Pelipper! Hydro Pump!"

"Bad move, Oliver," smirked Keith. "Cotton! Thunderbolt!"

The attacks met in midair, with the Thunderbolt electrifying the Hydro Pump. As the Hydro Pump connected, Cotton felt not only the effects of the Water move, but also of his own Electric move. Fortunately, Keith noticed, the Thunderbolt had traveled up the Hydro Pump and affected Pelipper. However, to general astonishment, both Pokémon collapsed on the spot! Keith hadn't expected Pelipper to be knocked out in a single blow, even if it was by an Electric attack. And he certainly didn't think a single Hydro Pump, electrified or otherwise, would be sufficient to knock out Cotton.

"Cotton and Pelipper are both unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled,. "Dis one's a draw!"

"...Holy crap," Keith remarked once both the Swirlix and the Pelipper were withdrawn. "Didn't see that one coming."

"You and me both, man," nodded Oliver. "So, we're each down to one Pokémon, let's make it a good fight!"

Keith nodded. "My thoughts exactly," he agreed, plucking a Cherish Ball off his belt.

"Then let's see how you fare against my very first partner!" Oliver exclaimed, preparing a Poké Ball. "The Pokémon I started my journey with!" And he threw the ball. "Lairon! Go!" he cried out.

What appeared to be a four-legged creature made out of metal materialized on the ground before Oliver. It gave a somewhat metallic roar as Keith pointed his Pokédex at it.

"Lairon, the Iron Armor Pokémon, and the evolved form of Aron," said the machine. "Lairon nests near mineral water springs, and drinks this water until it is bloated to temper its steel body. It also feeds on iron ore found in rocks in the mountains where it makes its nest, which leads to it clashing with humans who are attempting to mine said ore."

"So, a Lairon," Keith murmured. "Well, I still got faith in you," he added to the contents of the Cherish Ball, before throwing it forward. "Let's go! Ariana!" he exclaimed, and in a flash of rainbow light, a small Trubbish materialized.

"A Trubbish! We've got the advantage, Lairon!" smiled Oliver. "Let's make this quick! Use Take Down!"

"Ariana, Dark Pulse!" Keith ordered.

"Trub Trubbish!" Ariana exclaimed, firing off a barrage of black rings of dark energy from her eyes. Lairon, however, charged right through the attack, muscling past the Dark move and slamming into the sentient trash bag and sending her tumbling backwards.

"Come on, Ariana," Keith said encouragingly. "Fight back with Seed Bomb!"

"Lairon! Iron Defense!" commanded Oliver.

"Laaaaiiiiirrr!" Lairon trilled, hardening its already hard body even further. The blasts from Ariana's Seed Bomb barely budged it, the explosions resulting in loud clanging noises. Keith gritted his teeth- Lairon was tough!

"Now! Use Head Smash!" Oliver ordered.

"Double Team!" Keith called.

Lairon suddenly found itself charging down a trio of Trubbish, and fortunately for the Poison-type, the Rock-type move made contact... with a copy. The Double Team clone vanished upon contact, and Lairon hastily came to a stop.

"Now's our chance, Ariana!" Keith grinned. "Drain Punch!"

"Truuuuubbiiiiiiish!" Ariana exclaimed, running towards Lairon, the end of her right arm clenched into a garbagey fist. Streaks of purple and yellow energy swirled around the fist as she slammed it into Lairon. This time, the attack had a noticeable effect, sending Lairon stumbling forward. The attack had dealt a great deal of damage, and while it hadn't knocked Lairon out, it had been highly effective nonetheless. Now Keith was grinning- time for a comeback!

"Lairon, Headbutt!" Oliver ordered. "The real one's right behind you!"

"Ariana, one more Drain Punch!" Keith shouted.

Ariana ran forward as Lairon turned around and also ran forward. The two Pokémon were on a collision course, and the attacks collided head-on, throwing up dust everywhere.

"Ariana!" Keith exclaimed.

"Lairon, you OK?" asked Oliver.

For a while, there was nothing but dust. And then, as it started to settle, both Lairon and Ariana were able to be seen, and both of them were still standing, though clearly just barely hanging on. And then, after a few tense seconds... the Trubbish collapsed to the ground.

"Ariana is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled. "All tree o' Keith's Pokémon is unable ta battle, so Oliver wins!"

Keith approached Ariana, who had regained consciousness, and was looking down shamefully. "Ariana, don't sweat it," he said kindly, picking up the Poison-type in his arms. "You did great out there."

"Trubbish..." Ariana sighed, still sounding sad about the outcome.

Keith sighed, and then turned to Oliver. "Great battle, Oliver," he said. "Your Pokémon are definitely getting better."

"Same with you," grinned Oliver. "You and that Ditto are a great team, you adapted really well to Hawlucha's battle style. And I can't say I saw that outcome coming with your Swirlix and my Pelipper."

"You and me both," agreed Keith. "And I seriously didn't expect Lairon to do so well against Ariana- she's really powerful," he added, glancing at the Trubbish as he spoke, hoping the compliment would do something to improve her mood. If her unchanging facial expression was any indicator, however, it did not.

"Well, all your Pokémon were good," stated Oliver. "You thinking of entering the tournament, too?"

Keith perked up at this. "Tournament?" he repeated. "Well, now that I know about it, hell yeah. What is this tournament?"

"There's a battle tournament that's supposed to take place in Static Town," Oliver explained. "It's this out-of-the-way desert town-"

'I know of Static Town well enough," Keith nodded. "I've been there once before. So, they're having a battle tournament?"

"Yeah- tomorrow, actually," replied Oliver. "One-on-one single battles, and you can enter as many different Pokémon as you like, but with this really weird restriction- every Pokémon you enter, their species name has to start with a letter that's in Stunfisk's name. So I'll be able to enter Kecleon and Tropius, but not Hawlucha, Pelipper, or Lairon. I wonder why Stunfisk..."

"I think I might know why," Keith grinned. "So yeah, I'll definitely enter. And hey- there's a T in Stunfisk, so I know a certain Trubbish who'll be participating," he added with a grin... which Ariana didn't seem to notice.


The next day, Keith had made it back to Static Town. The townspeople welcomed him with open arms, vividly recalling what happened as a result of his last visit to their town. Fortunately, he'd arrived just in time to register for the competition, which they'd dubbed the Stunfisk Spelling Standoff. Due to Keith's wide variety of Pokémon, he had no problem entering a full team of six.

When it came time for round one, Keith stepped out onto the dusty battlefield. Static Town didn't have a proper stadium, but they were able to put together a respectable battlefield with temporary seating set up all around. Not bad at all, Keith had to admit.

"Alright, and now begins the first battle of this year's Stunfisk Spelling Standoff, a celebration of the great Stunfisk battle atop Mt. Chaos!" the emcee exclaimed, a speaker system carrying his voice all around. "And on one side, we have none other than Keith Masters from Lavaridge Town, the skilled Trainer who has given us reason to celebrate in the first place!" The crowd's cheering was explosively loud in response to this. Meowth, who was sitting in the stands to cheer Keith on, had to cover his ears. "And entering the battlefield is his opponent- Jeff Cherrim from Floaroma Town!"

"Hey- I remember you!" Jeff said to Keith. "Your Victreebel beat my Tangrowth back in Springreen Town!"

"Oh, yeah," Keith nodded, remembering the Grass-type tournament he'd entered in. "Well, I intend to win this battle as well, so you better give it all you got."

"Heh, you know it," smirked Jeff, throwing a Poké Ball. "Go, Illumise!"

In response, Keith hurled a Poké Ball of his own. "Let's do it, Chromium!" he exclaimed.

The Poké Balls burst open at once, Jeff's unleashing a purple and black insect whose fluttering wings suspended her in midair, and Keith's unleashing a beige canine with a paintbrush-like tail tipped in purple. Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at his Smeargle's opponent.

"Illumise, the Firefly Pokémon," said Keith's Pokédex. "Using Sweet Scent, Illumise lures in a swarm of Volbeat, and conducts them to use their luminous tails to create geometric patterns in the night sky. The more complex the pattern, the more respect the Illumise earns from its peers."

"Illumise vs. Smeargle," said the referee. "Let the battle begin!"

Jeff made the first move. "Illumise! Bug Buzz!" he ordered.

Keith reacted swiftly. "Chromium! Teleport behind Illumise!" he called.

"Smear!" Chromium exclaimed. Before the angry red soundwaves Illumise was firing could wash over her, the Smeargle vanished into thin air, only to reappear directly behind the Bug-type.

"Illumise, look out!" Jeff called. "Dazzling Gleam!"

"Now! Use Firestream!" Keith ordered.

Chromium took a deep breath and unleashed a barrage of boiling bubbles from her mouth. Though Illumise prepared to unleash the powerful Fairy-type move, she was interrupted by the super effective attack. Her wings singed by the move, she fell to the ground, standing unsteadily on her legs, wincing from obvious burns all over.

"No!" Jeff exclaimed. "Come on, Illumise, use Thunderbolt!"

"Chromium! Dragon Rage!" Keith commanded.

Chromium's tail paint turned a fiery orange, and she scribbled with it in midair, leaving streaks of fiery energy in its wake. The energy then formed into a fireball, and by jabbing the tip of her tail forward, Chromium sent the attack flying right at Illumise. The injured, incinerated Illumise managed to fire a bolt of electricity, which made the Dragon Rage explode in midair.

But Keith was unfazed. "Now! Sludge Wave, let's go!" he ordered.

Chromium's tail paint turned back to its default purple, and she spun around, the tail leaving a spiraling trail of purple sludge in its wake. The trail formed one singular glob of sludge all around Chromium, and she unleashed it all at once at the weakened Bug-type, who could do nothing to evade it. And once the attack cleared, the referee could make his ruling right away.

"Illumise is unable to battle!" he declared. "Smeargle wins!"

The crowd cheered as Keith congratulated his Smeargle, none of them aware of several shady-looking people in the crowd. They were eyeing Keith with unsmiling faces, and they certainly weren't cheering for him.

The next couple of rounds went remarkably well for Keith. Rubeus, his Stunfisk, obviously a favorite of the crowd, triumphed over a powerful Skarmory with his Electric attacks; Godric, his Nidoking, proved to be way too much for the opposing Throh to handle; and Cyanide, his Umbreon, relentlessly took down the other guy's Kingler. Before very long, the time had come, and the final round was upon them.

"So, which one's youse usin' in da final round?" Meowth asked, having exited the stands to meet up with Keith as he was making his preparations for the final round.

"Ariana, no question," Keith replied, the Cherish Ball already in his hand. "I was just about to give her a little pep talk, actually." With that, he tossed the ball into the air, and the Trubbish materialized, still looking down. "Now, Ariana," Keith said, kneeling down beside his Trubbish. "I want to use you in the final battle, so I want to make sure you're ready to go."

"T-T-Trubbish..." Ariana murmured, seemingly unable to face Keith.

"Ariana ain't so sure about herself," Meowth translated. As the Trubbish said more stuff, Meowth continued to translate. "She's ashamed o' how she lost ta Lairon yesterday, she tinks she let ya down."

"Ariana..." Keith sighed. "Look, losing is nothing to be ashamed of. Lairon was just the stronger one yesterday. It happens to the best of us. Believe me, you didn't let me down. You did great yesterday, and I know you'll do great today. As long as you do your best, win or lose, that's all that matters. So what do you say?" he asked.

After a few moments of silence, Ariana finally gathered up the courage to look at Keith, and in stark contrast to the look of disappointment she'd been dreading, she saw the same warm, friendly smile he'd always shown her. Slowly, her Trainer's words started to sink in, and she gave him a hug. Keith hugged Ariana back, not letting go until she herself did. Once the hug stopped, Ariana looked much happier. "Trub! Trubbish!" she smiled.

"That's what I like to see," Keith smiled back. "Now let's-"

At that point, however, the usual voice came over the speaker system. "Keith Masters, please report to the battlefield for the final round- hey, what- hey, stop it! Get away from- AAAAAGH!"

"...That can't be good," Meowth remarked.

Indeed, as if to confirm Meowth's words as true, another voice came over the speakers. "Heheheh... Yes, Keith Masters, please report to the battlefield. However, instead of reporting here for your battle, you will instead report here to surrender yourself to us."

"What the..." Keith murmured, wandering back towards the battlefield. Now he could see crowds of men in black uniform surrounding the stands, keeping the crowds hostage.

"Yes, you see, don't you?" came the voice again. "We, Team Rocket, have come to eliminate the biggest threat to our organization since the great Red himself."

Now Keith was running back onto the battlefield, Ariana in his arms, Meowth clinging to his shoulder as if for dear life. "Team Rocket?!" he repeated in disbelief. "What... Why are you here?"

"Haven't you been listening?" the voice snapped, annoyed. "We're here to get you out of the way."

"OK, who's speaking? Show yourself!" Keith demanded.

In response, the makeshift room where the emcee was sitting, the door opened up, and out walked a man who wore the exact same Team Rocket Executive uniform as Greg, but this man's head had been shaved completely. "Of course, how impolite of me to not introduce myself," he smirked. "I am Jet, one of Team Rocket's four executives- sorry, three executives now. We've yet to promote someone to fill the position left by Greg's unfortunate passing."

"There was nothing unfortunate about it," Keith retorted. "Given what that guy had done to my sister, he deserved everything he got."

Jet's smirk faded. "You listen to me now, boy," he snarled. "What havoc you've wrought upon our organization is unforgivable in and of itself, but we won't have you disgracing the good name of one of our better executives. Greg was my mentor when I started out in Team Rocket."

"Spare me," Keith frowned. "I don't give a Raticate's ass if he was Ash friggin' Ketchum with the world's strongest Pikachu- he was a despicable excuse for a human being. Now let these people go."

Jet snorted. "Or what?" he retorted. "Go ahead, try to send something out."

Keith plucked the Moon Ball off his belt and pressed the button, but nothing happened. "Cyanide, I choose you- wha- oh, come on," he groaned. "Not one of those things again."

"Oh, yes, yes, one of those things again," smirked Jet, indicating a very familiar-looking device clipped to his belt. "Poké Balls aren't gonna work for a little while now that I've pressed that button. So why don't you do yourself a favor and surrender to us now? And don't think about fighting us- we all come bearing Rocket Balls, which are immune to the device's effects."

"Wait- Rocket Balls?" said one of the men in the crowd. "Hey, I got one of those!" he exclaimed excitedly, throwing the ball in question into the air. "Go, Crobat!"

To Keith's mild surprise and immense relief, a good number of people in the crowd responded likewise, revealing that they themselves had some of their own Pokémon in Rocket Balls. Numerous Dark-types and Poison-types were suddenly sent out into the stands, forcing the numerous Rocket Grunts to send out their own Pokémon. Once Keith saw that they were all busy, he turned his attention back on Jet. "Well, so much for the advantage in numbers," he stated. "Meowth, Ariana, let's show him what we can do!"

"Yeah!" Meowth exclaimed, jumping down, claws extended.

"Trubbish!" Ariana added, wriggling out of Keith's arms.

"Hah!" Jet sneered, producing a pair of Rocket Balls off his belt. "You come at me with a measly Meowth and a stupid little Trubbish? Me, one of Team Rocket's top executives? Don't make me laugh!" And he tossed both Rocket Balls at once. "Hitmontop! Duosion!" he bellowed. From one ball emerged a light brown and blue creature which appeared to be balancing on the horn on top of its head. And the other ball unleashed what appeared to be a shapeless white creature suspended in a glob of green Jell-O. Keith pointed his Pokédex at both creatures.

"Hitmontop, the Handstand Pokémon, and an evolved form of Tyrogue," said Keith's Pokédex. "Hitmontop spins while launching kicks which, while elegant and graceful, are extremely powerful. If it spins at high enough speeds, it may bore its way under the ground." Then the image changed to depict the Jell-O-encased creature. "Duosion, the Mitosis Pokémon, and the evolved form of Solosis," the machine continued. "Duosion's brain has divided into two at the moment of evolution, and these two brains may cause it to suddenly try to take two different actions at once. If both brains are thinking the same thing, however, Duosion will exhibit its maximum power."

"OK, be careful, you two," Keith warned his Pokémon. "These are some tricky opponents. Meowth, use Shadow Claw on Duosion! Ariana, use Sludge Bomb on Hitmontop!"

"Hitmontop, Rapid Spin!" ordered Jet. "Duosion, Acid Armor!"

But Meowth was too quick for Duosion, the Shadow Claw hitting its mark right away. Nevertheless, Duosion seemed to start to melt, increasing its Defense greatly. That said, however, Ariana wasn't having such luck- the Sludge Bombs were deftly deflected by Hitmontop's swift spinning.

"OK- Ariana, try using Dark Pulse on Duosion," Keith said. "And Meowth, use Fury Swipes on Hitmontop!"

"Take dis!" Meowth exclaimed, lunging at Hitmontop, claws outstretched, when-

"Use Triple Kick!" commanded Jet.

"Hitmontop! Hitmontop! Hitmontop!" Hitmontop chanted- as Meowth drew nearer, the Fighting-type suddenly lashed out with three consecutive kicks, each one more powerful than the last. When the attack finished, Meowth was struggling to stand up. Moreover, Duosion had narrowly evaded Ariana's Dark Pulse.

"Good," Jet smirked evilly. "Alright, Duosion- give it a Psyshock! Shut it down!"

"Protect!" Keith exclaimed, and thankfully, Ariana was able to throw up a transparent dome of energy, shielding her from the Psyshock completely. "Now, Meowth- Fury Swipes on Duosion! Go!"

"Duosion! Gyro Ball! Get this over with!" Jet commanded.

The atmosphere tensed as Meowth and Duosion closed in on each other, the former scratching madly, the latter spinning rapidly, both attacks colliding many times over. And then, at last, both attacks faded away... and then both Pokémon collapsed on the spot. Jet wordlessly withdrew Duosion as Keith scooped Meowth up into his arms."Meowth, you OK?" Keith murmured.

"...Meowth, dat's right..." Meowth murmured, in a daze.

"OK, Ariana, it's up to you now," Keith said.

Jet snorted. "If that pile of trash is your best hope, then the great Keith Masters is in real trouble here. Hitmontop! Bulldoze!"

"Ariana, use Sludge!" Keith called. "Knock it off-balance!"

"Trubbish... TRUB!" Ariana exclaimed, firing a stream of sludge directly at Hitmontop's horn. Before Hitmontop could build up sufficient Ground energy to execute his attack, the Sludge attack struck. And just as Keith thought, the attack knocked Hitmontop off-balance and made him topple over.

Jet growled. "OK, playtime's over!" he declared. "Hitmontop, High Jump Kick! And aim for Masters- let's see that smelly Trubbish defend him from this!"

"Don't call her smelly!" Keith retorted, though he could see little hope- Hitmontop was lunging right at him, right knee glowing viciously. He had but less than a second, and his reflexes, while not bad, weren't good enough- he wasn't gonna be able to jump out of the way in time, and he knew it. All he had time to do was close his eyes and brace himself.

Ariana, on the other hand, felt quite differently about the situation. Between Keith defending her in response to Jet's repeated insults, and the fact that Hitmontop was about to try and take him out right then and there, she felt unspeakable anger like never before- that Hitmontop had to be stopped, and Ariana was the one to do it. All insecurities pushed aside, Ariana focused hard...

Keith slowly opened his eyes- he wasn't dead. A shimmering dome of energy was Protecting him, and Hitmontop was lying on the ground, nursing an injured knee.
"Wha... Ariana?" Keith murmured, looking down at the Trubbish. As she turned and looked up at her Trainer, Ariana gave him a reassuring smile and nod, then turned back to Jet. On her face was the angriest look anyone would have ever seen on her. That man. That awful man just tried to kill Keith, and she would not let that go unpunished.

A collective gasp went up from the members of the crowd not preoccupied with battling Team Rocket Grunts, for at that moment, Ariana's body took on an intense blue-white glow. The trash bag that was her body seemed to burst open as the garbage within expanded. Her long, thin ears expanded into spherical shapes. Her arms got longer- the left arm's garbage now separated by what appeared to be flexible piping, and the right arm tipped with three hollow tubes. She grew wider and taller, her feet becoming very wide. And once she stood just slightly taller than Keith, Ariana stopped glowing, revealing the imposing that she now was. "GAAAAARBOOOOOOODOR!" she bellowed. Speechless, Keith took out his Pokédex.

"Garbodor, the Trash Heap Pokémon, and the evolved form of Trubbish," said the machine. "Garbodor's left arm is used for grabbing and holding its opponents, while its right arm is used for firing foul, poisonous liquid. It consumes garbage, making it part of its body, which in turn lets it create new poisonous liquids and gases for use in battle."

"Ariana evolved inta Garbodor?" Meowth murmured, now conscious and watching events unfold from his usual position on Keith's shoulder.

"Damn right, she did," Keith grinned. "OK, Ariana, let's beat him!" he added.

"Gar!" nodded Ariana.

Keith nodded back. "Double Slap!" he ordered.

"Gaaaaarbodor!" Ariana exclaimed, extending both arms at once. Before Hitmontop could react, the pair of extendable garbagey arms were slapping him around. And best of all, one slap was followed by a bit of smelly yellow gas which Hitmontop seemed to hate the smell of- Ariana's Stench had activated, causing Hitmontop to flinch and ignore Jet's furious screams for him to use his Bulldoze attack.

"Now! Use Toxic!" Keith ordered.

With her left arm, Ariana constricted Hitmontop, and after taking careful aim with her right arm, fired a vicious cloud of black gas right into Hitmontop's face, badly poisoning him.

'Finish this, Hitmontop!" an increasingly frantic Jet was exclaiming. "Drill Run! Right now!!!"

"Ariana! Venoshock!" commanded Keith.

Try as Hitmontop might, he couldn't get the Drill Run started fast enough- the poison was hurting him that much. Ariana's Venoshock hit its mark, reacting with the powerful poison for extra damage, and now Hitmontop was looking very weak indeed.

"And let's wrap this up with your Return attack!" Keith grinned.

With her stumpy legs, Ariana dashed forward as fast as she could. Initially, not very fast, but as she focused, as she channeled her deep affection for Keith into energy for this attack, she found herself picking up speed. Hitmontop tried to sort of stumble out of the way, not having the energy to do much else, but the attack hit dead-on, the sheer force knocking Hitmontop right into Jet, which in turn sent him flying back. Jet landed on the ground, but even as he started to get up, the faint sound of police sirens could be heard. At this, the Rocket Grunts started fleeing in every direction, withdrawing their Pokémon, whether fainted or not. Jet tried to get up as well, but found Keith and Ariana standing above him.

"Ohhhh, no, no," Keith smirked, shaking his head. "You listen to me now, boy," he said, mimicking Jet's words from earlier. "What havoc you've wrought upon this competition is unforgivable in and of itself, but I won't have you disgracing the good name of my Trubbish- well, now my Garbodor," he amended, grinning at Ariana, who smiled back at him.

In response, Jet defiantly told Keith to go do something that Keith wouldn't have dared to repeat in polite company. Keith simply shook his head, he and Ariana continuing to stand guard over him and Hitmontop until Officer Jenny arrived on the scene to arrest him.

The competition was canceled not long after that, considering all the fuss Team Rocket had raised. However, the grand prize- a year's supply of Pokémon food, which was a practical prize, if not the most original- was evenly split among the two Trainers who were to face off in the finals. Keith was a bit disappointed, but somewhat less so when he was informed that Ariana wouldn't have been allowed in the final round anyway, now that she was a Garbodor instead of a Trubbish- there was no "G" in Stunfisk after all.

"Ariana, you were great," Keith smiled, addressing his newly evolved Garbodor. "You stepped up and destroyed that jerk and his Hitmontop. I couldn't be more proud of you."

"Gar..." Ariana replied, blushing from the praise, before pulling Keith into a very powerful hug.

"Ulp!" Keith exclaimed. "Ariana... squishing me..."

"Bodor..." Ariana murmured sheepishly, relaxing her grip somewhat.

"Ah, don't sweat it," Keith smiled, hugging his Garbodor anyway. "You just gotta get used to your new form, Ariana, that's all. Like for instance, carrying you in my arms... kinda not gonna happen anymore."

"Gar..." sighed Ariana, nodding to acknowledge this. Then, her eyes lit up. "Gar! Garbodor!" she exclaimed. Before Keith could ask Meowth for a translation, Ariana made this unnecessary by scooping Keith up into her arms and continuing to walk down the road. Keith had to chuckle a little at this. Ariana now being a Garbodor was gonna be one hell of an adjustment, but as long as she remained her same sweet, lovable self, he figured it'd be easy to get used to.

What?  Trubbish is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Trubbish evolved into Garbodor!

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