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Sorry for not following the normal format but i wasnt really sure on how to work it into the normal format.

Entry Hazards
Quote from Jeri in the recent Sig Guidelines
Entry hazard can only have a single effect, be it damage, a status, a boost or drop or a similar effect. They must be clearable by conventional hazard clearing moves and be directly targetable and destroyable by moves of good or greater damage.

I know stealth rock can be destroyed by directly targeting it, but good damage is a little bit low in my opinion. Stealth rocks and other entry hazards are far from game breaking like they are in comp. Not a lot of pokemon even care if stealth rocks is up, is going to hit you for moderate damage if its neutral and considerable if its 2x effective, which is barely anything in the long run. They cost significant energy to set up as well. On top of that defog and rapid spin are fairly well spread, defog being on close to 50 fully evolved mons and rapid spin about 20.

I have two suggestions. The first is we make it that hazard moves are as strong as the energy used to create them, that way they atleast become more efficient. The other is we totally remove the ability to directly target them and limit there removal to the attacks designed to remove them being rapid spin and defog.

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