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Now, while I am against it, a few Pokemon that are Ices might like energy regen. Not for defensive play, because most Ices cannot defense, but Ice is one of the best offensive STABs and energy regen can help them push a little harder sometimes. It would benefit them a bit more than health regen, especially those with more limited offensive presence (Pokemon like Walrein, Avalugg, and Glalie do have sufficient offensive presence as it is).

If we were to look at the options for implementing this, if at all, then energy regen would be best. Instead of the impossible task of making them anything better than shit defensively, focusing on helping their offensive pressure, which they're actually capable of being somewhat competent at due to that great STAB.

Let's think about the merits of it as an offensive asset in energy regen instead. Would that make a difference?
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