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Some of the pokemon listed blend well into the snow. Glaceon comes to mind as a pokemon that will hide well within the snow and also not mind the slight heal to either health or energy. Its not to increase their viability to be top tier, it is just meant to make them different enough that if the trainer wants to play defensively for a few rounds, they get to do so.

Toxic as a stall tactic is a legitimate strategy. Sometimes all you need are screens and toxic to hide and allow toxic to do its job overtime. The defensive odds are stacked against ice typed pokemon, that why I think it helps in the slightest for match ups that rely on blending into the snow.

Avalugg wont be able to hide as well, but it can surely produce several partials going second between surf and rock climb, it can hide behind barrier at least twice, and it can use bulldoze to interrupt the opponent.

Again, this wont make this sub set of pokemon super stellar, but the small change is welcomed for people who have long term strategies that involve hail without it over shining their offensive potential. At worse, don't use hail and take advantage of the heal? I don't see the benefit of discouraging it.
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