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By contrast, nerfing Refresh makes Curse etc ridiculously strong. if they heal off a status you gave them before and then you can Curse them (or put on your stupidly-broken-unless-Refreshed-away sig move) without worry, which is a much bigger problem than you not being able to toxic a couple mons as easily as a couple others. It resetting Diminishing Returns is the best idea.

Moving on from that, though:

Switching moves suck to deal with in ASB. Any way they've been in the past is either totally useless or totally broken. Right now, it's totally broken in Switch = KO. These 4 moves are a LOT of the reason people think Switch = KO is an ostensibly bad playstyle. I've heard fairly solid battlers say they wouldn't touch a Switch = KO match without having almost exclusively mon with Switch moves in their squad. I've spent plenty of time with Electrics, more than enough to know the majority of the reason their such an easy type to use is that you can switch them out so easily.

These moves are insane and a plague on ~50% of the battles that happen in the ASB. Let's fix them:

I propose all Switching Moves have a clause in them, stating they work as they currently do in Switch = OK, but in Switch = KO they must follow the rules of Mega Evolving/Switch = OK Conventional switches: must be the first thing you do, and if used while going second your opponent may reorder. Having a separate approach for both playstyles stops them from being worthless in Switch = OK while also making them less mind-numbingly broken in Switch = KO.

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