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Originally Posted by Aposteriori View Post
-We really need to have a talk about Roost - it is kind of a bad thing to have a move that both restores health and puts you in an advantageous place energy-wise. We also probably need to discuss other energy-restoring moves as well but this is less pressing.

I dont know why you guys made it dual. For the xx version it should be energy, and only flyers should get the perk of health roost if we are keeping it this way. The pseudo wish should be kept only for flyers.

-We sort of need to talk about absolute nukes as well, e.g. things like Bide, Counter, Mirror Coat, etc., and how we want to handle those. The current rules don't do too well with them and what's come in their place make them really crippling and not really worth using unless you can score a safe KO.

I still dont like how much bide can nuke, could we cap the damage somehow?

-If both Pokémon take a one-mover, they should both be refreshed. None of this "the round ends early, they're not refreshed" stuff. That is bad for balance.

Can this concept of one mover also apply for rounds where KOs have occured?

The current full description or rule (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas

Roost (XX) -- The user settles on to a perch and relaxes its wings, focusing and restoring a major amount of health at the cost of major energy. Despite the energy use, this technique is fairly restful, refreshing them somewhat, akin to a weaker version of Wish's initial effect. This move counts as a Pokémon's one 'healing move' per match. Alternatively, Flying Pokémon may use Roost to restore major energy instead of health, being refreshed with the full potency of Wish's initial effect. This version does not count as the one healing move per match.

The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)
Health is a bigger asset than energy. I feel the distribution of roost is too varied to give that many pokemon a reliable healing move.

The proposed changes

Can health be designated to flying type only while the energy version be made XX? Currently kept at XX being the health version makes Roost the most distributed health healing move for ASB with the added pseudo wish. The pseudo wish can be done away with, but at least make sure it is not crippling to use per say. Something along the lines of despite using major energy, the user will feel as if he had used less than that.

The current full description or rule (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas
Bide (NO) - Taking a defensive stance, the user endures all attacks against it and remains in one location, making no attempt to dodge. It takes full damage from all attacks against it during this time and cannot perform other actions. As it endures, a red aura surrounds it completely. This aura absorbs the power of attacks levied against it, growing in size as it does so, and breaks after absorbing the power of a major amount of of damage or greater. When it breaks, the energy absorbed is condensed in to a large beam and fired as an attack, the user able to aim it at will. The beam deals damage equal to twice the power of the energy it has absorbed and is made up of the type energy of the endured attacks (meaning that a Bide beam can deal multi type damage). Bide absorbs attack power before the user actually takes damage, meaning that it absorbs only the base power of the attacks (including the attacker's boosts) and does not take account of type effectiveness against the Bide user or any defensive boosts that the Bide user may have. Energy usage for a Bide is initially neutral, costing the user energy equal to the power of the beam fired. For each successive use, the energy cost increases by 25% in the same way as Protect. Creating the initial Bide aura uses only minor energy. A Bide aura can be maintained for up to two rounds if it is not broken by attacks and will dissipate harmlessly if it absorbs less than a major amount of damage for no energy cost. The Bide aura also shields the user from the secondary effects of attacks and prevents it from being afflicted with any statuses while it is held.

The issues with the move (in bullet points or short paragraphs)

The proposed changes
Just cap the damage at this point? Idk, it feels more like a newbie punishing button than an actual competitive tool to use. Something around 3 HB worth of damage at the most?
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