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Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
If we actually had an accessible definition for and/or guide to using Reed somewhere, I'd switch to using it in a heartbeat, but the only actually written thing about it leaves SO much up to the ref that you won't actually know how much offtype you can use until it's already been used, which is a problem in that it makes long-term planning difficult.
Iunno. I've used Reed for quite some time now and nobody seems to take any issue with it. Then again, my policy has always been "if you're even remotely unsure, feel free to ask" because yes, it is incredibly convoluted for anyone who is not an experienced ref.

As for exhaustion as a whole... I really feel like the rules we have set in place are frankly fine. I just also feel like people have a habit of taking literally any scrap of "Ref's Discretion" they can get their hands on and stretching it until it covers their football field of terrible decisions.
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