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If we actually had an accessible definition for and/or guide to using Reed somewhere, I'd switch to using it in a heartbeat, but the only actually written thing about it leaves SO much up to the ref that you won't actually know how much offtype you can use until it's already been used, which is a problem in that it makes long-term planning difficult.

I feel like the best way to make people stop spamming is make the attack you're spamming less effective the more you use it in rapid succession. Easier to get a partial on, easier to disrupt, the works. I hesitate to call it diminishing returns since I think it's something that should fade after a few rounds of disuse.

In regards to mid-term exhaustion and whether we should have 2 move breathers, I think the way it makes the most sense is to have benchmarks in terms of total energy used in the round.

Beyond Extreme- Overly exerting. You'll tire more quickly than usual.

Extreme- The average. You'll tire at the usual rate.

Major- A fairly light round. Can help delay fatigue somewhat, and you'll tire more slowly than usual.

Significant or Less- A Breather. Will help you get over fatigue and will tire you much less than an average round.

Obviously, there are other factors: Number of moves used, any interrupted moves, Fighting SC, Drains, Wish, things like that. But I think this is a good place to start in defining Mid-Term exhaustion.

So I'd say yes, we should have two move breathers, and no, they should not be as effective as their one move counterparts.

Long-Term exhaustion could probably be as simple as "the more energy you've used relative to your opponent, the easier it is for your opponent to get the jump on you and avoid or disrupt your attacks."

Short-Term is really very simple in my mind since so few attacks use it. Did you just use Thunder/Superpower/Blizzard? Yes? You'll need to take a few seconds after using it to catch your breath, and you might tire in the Mid-Term a little more quickly than if you had use an attack of equivalent energy use that does not trigger Short-Term exhaustion No? Then this doesn't really effect you.

Having these fairly clear cut definitions makes it incredibly simple to implement all forms of exhaustion in reffing, and anyone who doesn't with something like the above plastered into announcements/the site/etc should really have it reflect poorly on them for the purposes of the ref evals we're soon to be due for.

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