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Pokemon GO!

I suppose now's the time to talk about this, considering the beta's been out for a while and been playtested to death.

You know pretty much everything important already. Your phone becomes a Poke-Locator using its GPS to find and catch Pokemon in the wild.

Unfortunately, it seems the designers have decided to indulge in creativity, and the product we all have been waiting for is noticeably not what we were expecting!

First of all, social content is way down. The current beta edition does not support battles between friends. This is likely to change, but in general you can probably expect to see a focus on cooperation over competition, with some benefits given to solo play (in case you live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and have no friends). There is also the choice of joining global (and I assume possibly local) "teams" to attack and defend Gyms.

Next, and easily the worst thing to happen in a Pokemon game, even worse than Musicals; rather than apply the traditional, time-honored Pokemon fantasy of taking your favorite Pokemon and raising it to be a powerful fighting machine, the developers have opted to follow the "catch 'em all!" route. Because this isn't Pokemon, it's Ingress.

In order to evolve Pokemon, you must collect shards through catching other Pokemon of the same species. Your goal is completionism. Oh, and some Pokemon naturally have better potential than others, so that first Pokemon you caught? Yeah, it's shit and you'll have to get rid of it if you want to stay competitive.

/r/PokemonGo is fairly heavy with feedback about wanting a personal adventure. Pokemon players don't want to play Ingress: Pokemon Edition, they want to play Pokemon: Ingress Edition.

When I was a kid I used to play Pokemon Trainer with my brother and sister using my TCG cards; I raised up an Abra to an Alakazam and he raised up a Growlithe to an Arcanine. I have cute fond memories of running around the house like a little maniac with a pair of spoons and a yellow marker mustache while my younger brother put on tiger pyjamas and scampered around on all fours.

If Pokemon Go earns even a dime of my money, it's going to be because it managed to scratch that itch for adventure and excitement. I'm not a collector, I'm a leader, as ridiculous as that sounds, and if I'm going to be the general of my Pokemon army it's not going to be because I hunted down all the best kinds and discarded anyone who wasn't up to standards. I will have my favorites and I will raise them to be the strongest around under my expert guidance; THAT'S the power fantasy I'm looking for, and judging by the comments on /r/pokemongo I'm not the only one who feels this way.

"It wasn’t totally accidental. Google had worked with Pokémon on a Google Maps mashup for April Fool’s three years ago. We had some experience building a mini-product with them. We actually used the same company to do the launch video for Pokémon Go as worked on the April Fool’s video." - Hanke

I personally predict that the game will do well for itself initially, with plenty of downloads, but end up as a total flop when buyers realize that this isn't the product they wanted. We may never see the Pokemon Go that we were promised, as Niantic will probably take this as a "Pokemon fans are dumb and don't understand how geolocation games work" and never try again.

Pleeeeease don't fuck this up.

Okay, I've blabbered on enough. Discuss your disappointment with Niantic in this thread I guess, as well as the hopes and dreams that they've shattered with this new development.
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