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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
I think what the problem is is that there is a poor understanding either way. For pretty much the entire history of ASB, exhaustion has been under reffed to the point you could reel off three Thunders with no drawback. In my recent battles I've seen exhaustion be crippling. You can't get off one without the risk of falling behind completely.

The issue honestly is a lack of understanding of the mechanic, which results in both problems. We definitely need it to keep spam under control, but it should completely devalue offensive risks and high power attacks as a consequence.

Also nothing I've said so far is a new rule. It is literally me just clarifying what already exists.

Though exhaustion needs to be written out of moves regardless of how the mechanic is reffed because they can be interpreted as a double whammy in the current rules.
I have a slight issue with contending it, because at times I want to question it and I get backlash because the end answer is ref's discretion. We are also having issues with speed of attacks and how quick should they fire. Not that long ago I saw a massive level attack fire before a defensive decent level attack and the only justification was enthusiasm and initiative while it being the first round for both pokemon. It felt like the pokemon fired an attack near the level of hyper beam and was justified to fire quicker with just two components that shouldn't inherently add that much speed. I get that justification being used for an attack probably a heavy level.

Tbh, I dont know how to tackle that type of issue because it will always be ref's discretion and the trainer has to live with it.

So adding to the discussion, firing speeds seem to be off when a pokemon is fresh off the ball.
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