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Originally Posted by Sneaze View Post
No Connor is pretty much correct on this. As opposed to a normal battle round where things continue at pace even with both 'mon taking a rest, it makes very little sense to assume that the opposing trainer would just sit there and wait to switch.

That said, I've always treated the round immediately following a KO as being a little less rough on exhaustion, as the switch does take a moment and allow for a tiny brek. Obvious exception being people ordering to try and hit a 'mon the moment it comes out.
Hence why I left it to discretion. It's highly dependent on circumstance; I don't think there's an easy answer in either direction. I think I may just lean a little more leniently than Connor does in that particular instance. I'm not saying his reffing is entirely wrong or whatnot, I simply would have treated it a bit differently. It's not like exhaustion is in the black and white state of exhausted and not exhausted, like it is often reffed. Always in shades of grey.


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