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So I abandoned the PJ fanfic ages ago. If you read it for more than ten seconds, it should be clear why. I love it, trust me, it's my baby, but I wrote it when I was 13 and it's riddled with problems.

My latest project is a very slice-of-lifey Harry Potter fanfic. It will examine the life of a student whose parents escaped to America when the second war vs Voldemort started. He's coming back to Hogwarts five years after Voldemort died (for realsies.) It will have mostly OCs except for most of the Hogwarts teachers. I'm writing this mostly to get a grasp on writing good characters and having a character-driven plot rather than a plot driven by characters.

If you didn't run away reading that last paragraph...well, I could really use a beta. I'm not aiming to write actual real-life level fiction, but I do want to get much closer than I have been. Some of my dialogue is clunky, some explanations that need to be there are missing, and even I make typos! Be warned: I am a slow, slow writer, and I'll consider myself lucky if I put out a (~2500 word) chapter a month. And that's before any theoretical beta editing. So.

It's tentatively named Another Perspective. Shit name, but I can't think of anything better just now. I have written about 5000 words so far and once I write about 10,000 I will think of publishing it on If you want to beta, or just want to read it and review it...well, I'd really appreciate it!

(BTW, I reused character names from my PJ fic only because I'm shit at coming up with names. Trust me- these characters are not remotely as half-dimensional.)
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