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Originally Posted by Aposteriori
-We really need to have a talk about Roost - it is kind of a bad thing to have a move that both restores health and puts you in an advantageous place energy-wise. We also probably need to discuss other energy-restoring moves as well but this is less pressing.

I dont know why you guys made it dual. For the xx version it should be energy, and only flyers should get the perk of health roost if we are keeping it this way. The pseudo wish should be kept only for flyers.
Roost hasn't been used in the anime (Or at least not where a google search can reveal), and so we're using the ingame version, which restores health, as a basis it would seem. It works well enough the way round that it is. Just write out the bit where it says 'This refreshes the user' and it's all gravy.

Although, basically everything that gets it is Flying typed, barring Dunsparce, Venomoth, Beedrill, Dustox, Volbeat, Illumise, Vibrava, Flygon, Hydreigon and Volcarona, plus Mew, the Latis, Reshy, Zekkers and Kyurem. 10 non-legend Pokemon have access to only non-flying Roost, legends boost it to 16, and of the ten mainly-accessible ones, most could probably use the healing to keep them semi-viable over other Bugs. Which version becomes STAB really doesn't matter much.

-We sort of need to talk about absolute nukes as well, e.g. things like Bide, Counter, Mirror Coat, etc., and how we want to handle those. The current rules don't do too well with them and what's come in their place make them really crippling and not really worth using unless you can score a safe KO.

I still dont like how much bide can nuke, could we cap the damage somehow?
This should be explicitly stated, but I seem to recall people saying that there's an unofficial cap on Bide damage, like anything significantly over 1HB is not going to be as efficient. Like, I recall someone who was a good ref saying that reflecting nukes like Bide and Mirror Coat, plus Last Resort, should not be dealing significantly more than 2HB of damage without using significantly more energy.

-If both Pokémon take a one-mover, they should both be refreshed. None of this "the round ends early, they're not refreshed" stuff. That is bad for balance.

Can this concept of one mover also apply for rounds where KOs have occurred?
I'm pretty sure it already does.
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