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Welcome all to this Fairy-tastic showdown between Machamp-X, who presumably is shooting for the Fairy-typed gym, and Jerichi, my very own self-proclaimed eternal rival. You know, it seems like it was just yesterday that-

: Enough with your yapping, nobody wants to hear about that. We're here for the match, remember? Today's battle is brought to you by Devon Corporation. We'll handle your package and take care of your balls, so don't let anyone touch your goods but Devon!

...and with that promotional message from our generous sponsor out of the way, let's get this battle started!

Jeri grabs one of his balls confidently and releases what's trapped inside, a blinding white flash spewing forward to take the form of Lickilicky. Let's check the stats on this combatant.

Spoiler: show
Lickilicky (Normal): Lickilicky have long tongues, which can extend out to ten feet to hit enemies. Any attack a Lickilicky does with its tongue deals x1.2 damage, with a 10% chance of paralysis. Lickilicky's rotund bodies allow them to gain momentum through Rollout easier. Due to having a wide variety of energy available, it is less proficient at maximising the use, resulting in suffering from slightly less type energy.
[Normal]: Normal-type Pokémon are able to use support moves to greater effect than other Pokémon, with them being performed slightly quicker and being slightly more potent. Being beings of great balance, they benefit more from the positive effects of weather and other arena affecting moves, but will not suffer as badly from the negative effects. In the ASB, Normal-types take resisted damage from the damaging effects of Ghost-type energy.

Machamp-X, in return, releases her own Pokemon, the telling flash of light fading to reveal a very bouncy Clefable! The fairy looks quite happy to be here.

Spoiler: show
Clefable (Fairy): Clefable are a bit reclusive and naturally shy, so they don’t fight enthusiastically around large amounts of people and are easily intimidated. Clefable can jump high and far and can levitate, though not with much speed or agility. They can see in the dark. Due to having a wide variety of energy available, it is less proficient at maximizing the use, resulting in suffering from slightly less type energy.
[Fairy]: Fairy-types are generally pure-hearted and gregarious. They prefer natural environments and will fight more enthusiastically in them, but they will not be off put by urban environments. Any attack used by a Fairy-type which manipulates the environment is slightly more effective owing to the magical energies involved and attacks which boost allied Pokémon is slightly more effective at providing a buff. They are immune to the damaging effects of Dragon-typed energy.

Aeria bounces on her heels and flutters her wings happily, before settling into a deep concentration. Her body engulfed in a pale blue glow, she thrusts her arms forward, multicolored rings of psychic energy forming in front of her. An alien-like bubbling sound pervading the arena, the seven rings rip through the space separating the two battlers, slamming into Propaganda violently. The blue glow surrounding Clefable vanishes, as she regains her bearings from the strain of such an attack, while Propaganda clutches his head, suffering from an intense headache. By the gods, he could only pray that such agony would be forgotten soon after.

And that is exactly what he did, in fact, his sudden bout of Amnesia clearing his mind of the terrible disorientation he was suffering from. With his own psychic energies settling, Propaganda raises his head once more and stands in a seemingly more fortified position than before. Aeria giggles a bit, a wicked grin on her usually innocent-looking face, as she snaps her arm forward. From her fingertips, brilliant golden tendrils of electricity spew forth, seeking out their target and filling the arena with a menacing crackle. The tendrils tangle around Lickilicky, who despite his fortification, seems to tense and lock up a bit from paralysis.

Unhappy with his current predicament, Propaganda closes his eyes and relaxes his body, a salty substance slowly accumulating on his arms. Seemingly, smelling the salt has made him a bit more limber than immediately prior, as he springs forward and punches the Clefairy right in the face, causing the poor fairy to fall on her butt. I guess you could say that Propaganda was feeling a little salty over that last move. Pulling herself from the ground and shaking off the salty substance, Aeria refocuses on her opponent, preparing herself for the next bout of combat.

: Propaganda took quite a nasty shot from that Psywave, and looks a little worse for wear. That paralysis is mostly gone, but he may suffer from a bit of sluggishness for the next round. He looks rather fresh, though. Aeria didn't get too banged up this round, but her Psychic reserves are feeling relatively drained, although she certainly has a bit more in the tank. She's feeling more tired than her opponent, but she is still fresh enough to continue normal operations.

To answer your question, terrain-affecting Rock type moves work normally here.


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