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In regards to the tournament stuff, yeah it might not work, but imo just about anything is better than the abomination TJI, UaCC, and TFC have been.

As for the 5th battle slot, idk. I'd say it'd be best to hold off on that at first, and if things seem to be running smoothly, then we give that a whirl. Alternatively we could do it the opposite way where we trying it right off the bat and remove it if it doesn't work, but I feel like it would be better to incentivize everyone to do stuff than have to end up taking it away when people don't do enough to warrant it and end up with community backlash twice over.

EDIT: actually having discussed with Connor a bit more we have come to the conclusion that I'm dumb and wasn't thinking that bit through. 1 use of a 5th slot for every 5 battles reffed sounds fine.

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