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Whoa this sure blew up while I was asleep didn't?

No lie I had a proposal that involved nixing the 5th battle slot, how to make tournaments suck less, and what to do with exhibitions all rolled into one that Sneaze was going to include some stuff in, but Sneaze being Sneaze we've never actually sent it to Jeri.

If people are actually gonna not be self-serving when talking about battle slots for once, I'll bring the basics of the idea to the forefront, and should Jeri like the sound of it Sneaze and I can give him more details at a later date.

Basically, the gist of the proposal is that we nix the 5th battle slot and repurpose Exhibitions as a tournament style. Exhibs can still be put in one of your 4 remaining slots or you can buy an extra slot for them at your leisure, but they'd also be the focus of most tournaments. We'd be doing away with the silly 2v2 restricted squad lol-this-doesn't-actually-prove-anything type tours, and we'd focus on quick, 8-16 man tours with Strict DQ times. Each tour would be in a variety of exhibition styles: One might be an Equiall Rental tournament where each round uses a different TL, one might be a No-Type Chart tournament, one might be an Inverse Tournament. Prizes, naturally, would be sized down to fit the lowered prestige of winning one of these tournaments. This isn't to say they'd be the only tournaments that happened: Things like PokeBowl would still happen, and more serious tournaments could still happen, but we'd still be doing away with restrictions like making the matches 1v1 to 2v2 and saying you can only use Pokemon X Y and Z for the whole tournament.

To sure Exhibs don't get out of hand, someone (Sneaze? Jeri? Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż) Will go through ideas that have been used to date, and the people that do will make a list of currently acceptable Exhib themes. Those will be used for tournaments, and those will be the ones you can pick from. If you have a NEW Exhib idea, there will be a new thread similar to HP Submissions where you will pitch your idea and get LO Approval for a test match. This test match does not use one of your battle slots, but it also nets no KOs/TP for either side, though the ref still gets their full SP. You then submit the test match back into the thread once completed, and the LOs will give their final ruling on the acceptability of the match you've proposed.

Again, want to reiterate that Sneaze contributed a fair bit to this. Don't want to steal his thunder if people like the proposal we made xp

Anyway, I'd like to see the above go into place, and then in addition if deemed necessary something like what Apost is suggesting could go in place as well:

3 standard battle slots, and for every one match you ref to completion, you get one match in the restricted fourth battle slot. For people deserving of the fourth battle slot, this would not be an issue- they'd be able to stop reffing for a good long time and still have their battle slot because they ref 5-10 matches at a time as is. But if you can't even ref 1 match for every 4 you participate in, you don't deserve that fourth battle, in my mind.

By the way, I say this as someone who is out of the house anywhere between 9 and 12 hours a day during the school year. It's why I restrict my reffing so heavily outside of the summer months. I get reffing isn't always easy, but even during the school year when I'm not being crushed by depression I managed to ref a match or two. I'm sure anybody could ref a single match at a time if they really wanted to set aside the time for it.

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