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I'm really against punitive measures. People should not have their battle slots taken off them if they don't wish to ref or just arnt able to. Having to earn SP to go up TLs and SP being a currency is more than enough incentive for most people to ref. Restricting someone's slots is just something that is not going to be effective, forcing people to do something out of fear of punitive measures is not something that will create a positive community.
Before my time, there were three slots + gym challenge due to a ref shortage. Fast forward today, we now have the potential of five active slots + gym challenge from a trainers pov and an additional two slots from a gym leader pov. If you cannot contribue due to lack time, you should reasonably have less matches. For someone taking it slow, three slots is hardly a problem.

If anything, alternative 2.0.1.a version 3 2016tm

-TL1 start off with three slots and earn one additional slot once they pass the ref test. They get to keep that slot if they actively ref at least one match for a period of six months.
-For older trainers, the must be a contributing member and ref 1 as a privilege to get one additional slot. If they dont, they get their slots reduced to 3. Once they ref 1 a 3v3 singles non leveling match, they regain the slot. No one is forcing you to ref to begin with, but we do need to maintain a balance between number of battles and number of refs available.
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