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Pardon the double post- if I edit this will likely be missed.

Suggestion: Given we have like, 10 active and graded refs heading into what is traditionally one of the busiest periods in the ASB calendar, can we temporarily either remove or at least considerably loosen ref caps? Even if all of our active and graded refs reffed to their cap (they don't), we'd barely have enough manpower to cover all the people on the FIRST PAGE of UPN matches, assuming they use their 5 standard slots and no others. We have a whole lot more than the ~15-20 battlers we can realistically sustain at the moment. No new refs are coming anytime soon. I get the fear of ASB shutting down when somebody goes on TA, but surely having 5 more matches shut down for a week while Connor goes on vacation is better than having 5 matches rot in the queue for a month before getting picked up?

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