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Wow your entire squad has HP Ground that is incredibly boring.

Onslaught Badge
Global Badge
The badge of the Donnybrook Coliseum, emblazoned with a flaming fist representing justice. This badge is given to trainers who triumphed in the Coliseum, and represents their skill and determination to win in an all out assault.
Badge Effect: Furious Onslaught
This badge allows the wielder to use one additional Three Move Combo in all of their matches.

Murasaki - Female Venomoth (Level 5) [HP Fire]
Murasaki hails from the Friend Safari, daughter of a Savannah Vivillon and a Venomoth imported from Kanto. Her mother was caught soon after she was born, causing her to be raised by her Vivillon father, from which she learned a particular technique once unique to Vivillon - Powder. However, she managed to take it to a bit of an extreme, using her natural affinity with a number of powders to turn it even more volatile.
Signature Move - Volatile Powder (Bug)
Murasaki sprinkles an extremely volatile powder over her foe, which can catch fire with any contact with Fire moves. If the target uses a Fire move or is hit by one, the powder will explode, doing damage proportional to the damage of the attack used. If it touches an open flame, it will deal significant damage and fade. Volatile Powder uses significant energy and can only be used once per battle.

Spalding - Male Electivire (Level 5) [HP Ice]
Spalding's always been sort of an outlier on my squad. I've never really been a huge fan of the Electabuzz line, but out of the need for an Electric type, he filled the role quite well. He's been quite a few different things over the years, including Penn Jilette, Jake of Jake and Amir and even Zeus for a short while. As such, his personality has always been a bit hard to pin down, but he's always been pretty jolly though a little arrogant and confrontational. During his short-lived role as Zeus in my Seventeen Gym test run, he picked up a pretty good sig and he decided to stick with it.
Signature Move - Bolts of Zeus (Electric/Steel)
Zeus forms a bolt-shaped projectile from a good amount of Steel energy and then electrifies it with light Electric energy. The projectile is relatively solid, allowing it to easily break through Light Screen. Upon contact with the foe, it bursts into tiny shards and releases its charge, dealing good Electric damage and light Steel damage. These shards are rather thin and pointed, getting easily caught in skin, fur or hides, acting as conductors. If a Ground Pokémon has been stuck with these shards, they will take 75% damage from Electric attacks as the moves are channeled directly into their bodies. All additional modifiers for secondary types, SCs and sigs will calculate as normal.

Lirio - Male Ludicolo (Level 5) [HP Psychic]
Lirio is an exotic man from exotic lands, hailing from an oasis smack dab in the middle of the Mojave Desert. As a young Lombre, he lead a rough-and-tumble life, roaming the desert and protecting his turf from outsiders and scheming invaders. In his wild days, he was known as the "Hombre of the West", somewhat of a local legend among wary travelers who'd stumble upon the oasis only to get a face full of Bullet Seeds. For a long time, he went by this nickname, trying to maintain his outlaw image, but in recent years he's become much more open and jovial, even going so far as to open a Mexican tiki bar at his old watering hole. Now a days, he goes by his birthname, Juan Marcos Lirio Concepción Alverez, or just Lirio. Though his Wild West days are long over, he still has one trick up his sleeve that he's brought to the battlefield.
Signature Attack - Mexican Standoff (Grass)
Lirio waits for the foe to make a move, either moving from place to place or beginning to execute a technique, gathering a good amount of Grass energy while he waits. When they begin their move, he shoots a highly concentrated bullet of Grass energy at a vulnerable point which would cause their move to fail. Though the move only deals moderate damage, its targeting of a vulnerable point causes a great shock to the target, likely causing their move to fail. Since Lirio aims at a vulnerable spot, there is also a 50% chance that it will leave a sore spot behind, a la Crush Claw. This move can be used twice per battle.

Propaganda - Male Lickilicky (Level 5) [HP Flying]
Propaganda has been a staple of my team since my days as the Normal Gym Leader, once the head orator for Koi's short-lived world domination plot. Fluent - strangely - in Classical Latin and nothing else, he somehow manages to still have a way with words in spite of his gigantic tongue. He's still rather fond of giving speeches to just about anyone whether they'll listen or not, but his words are somehow strangely calming. Sometimes he can get a little bit caught up in his rambling rants, but their oddly relaxing nature means no one really complains.
Signature Move - Pontificate (Normal)
Propaganda begins to ramble on in his calming yet booming voice, pontificating in Latin about whatever topic interests him at the moment. These words, though totally incomprehensible to the average 'mon, are quite pacifying, discouraging any battling. For the next round (or the following round if the last attack used), all Pokemon, including himself, are restricted to non-damaging moves. Moves that cause slight damage or indirect damage are also barred from use (i.e. Future Sight, Toxic, Will-o-Wisp, etc.). Also, any Pokemon under the influence of Taunt/Swagger/in similar states that lock them from non-damaging moves will fall out of such state and will be unable to be Taunted or Swaggered as long as Pontificate is active. Pontificate can be used once per battle.

Fetra - Female Clefairy (Level 5) [HP Flying]
Fetra's days as a space Clefairy are far behind her. Nowadays, the insanity of the TO has set in on her. When she's not belting out songs in horrible Japanese, she's often skipping around, declaring everything to be dainty. In fact, she's obsessed with daintiness. All she ever talks about is dainty, it seems. It's all the rage. She's often subject to the side effects of Wacky Backy, however. Sometimes, she snaps out of her (mostly drug induced) daintiness to put Koi and Quark in their places, but never at the right time, and always when its needed least. Dainty.
Special Attack - Dainty Cyclone (Various)
Fetra's obsession with daintiness has gone so far for her to come up with an attack which, in her own high words, "is the epitome of daintiness." First, she starts by creating various petal-shaped masses of energy from any energy type to which she has access, which float around her. Next, she starts to spin and flap her wings. This sends the petals flying, surprisingly, right towards her foe. Each petal does light damage. Overall, the attack does about the damage of half a Hyper Beam, and has a 20% chance of causing confusion. Even with Fetra's intense daintiness, she still can't help but to get somewhat dizzy after she uses the attack, and must recover for about 5 seconds after the attack. The attack can only be used twice a battle, because anymore usages wouldn't be very "dainty". God. I don't think I've ever typed the word "dainty" that many times.

Ka-wai - Male Blastoise (Level 6) [HP Electric] @ Blastinite
Ka-wai is your typical tropical turtle. Hailing from the land of leis, volcanoes, and Lilo & Stitch, Ka-wai's Polynesian flavor and style and his astounding surfing ability draw in admirers of both genders like tourists to a gift store holding a half-off sale on all novelty "handcrafted driftwood" sculptures. Despite the assumptions by the various Japanese girls that he attracts with his surfing, his name does not, in fact, mean "cute" in Japanese. Actually, it means "water" in Hawaiian. If you suspect otherwise, you're either a Japanese girl or wish you were. Recently, he decided to leave his home of sun, sand and surf to have a go at competitive battling alongside me and my Motley Krew. Always toting his signature blue-tinted sunglasses, Ka-wai uses his surfing prowess and diverse moveset to send his opponents for a spin.
Signature Attack - Belly Flop (Water)
Ka-wai coats his chest with a layer of Water energy, charging, jumping and landing on his foe. This attack is effectively a Water-typed Double-Edge, using the same energy and dealing the same amount of damage, but deals slightly less recoil than Double-Edge due to Ka-wai's protective shell. However, his shell does not do well under repeated stress, and he can only use this attack once every five rounds.

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